Annual Report 2018

Annual Report 2018


Knowledge is at the core of all EKT’s activities. We aggregate, document and disseminate the results of research, scientific and cultural activity. Since its initial creation in 1980, EKT has aggregated valuable knowledge, documenting content from prestigious organizations, giving meaning to metadata and using IT interfacing tools to make it universally accessible to user communities. As an autonomous legal entity now under the Ministry of Digital Governance, we are meeting new challenges related to the exponential increase in the volume and the type of data that we aggregate and process to produce “smart data” that will support the design of effective policies for the digital economy and society. EKT is an institution that acts as a catalyst for the dissemination of knowledge in the digital era.

We monitor development activity and the implementation of public and European policies by collecting data to produce indicators which reflect the state of the national innovation system and record the country’s position in the international system. Our participation in the OECD, Eurostat and the EU allows us to have access to raw data, cutting-edge expertise and to assimilate the best international practices in statistics and the analysis of big data, while contributing to the ongoing international debate.

EKT’s new identity combines the latest business and knowledge trends. As an institution and organisation, EKT has great potential for growth. Our wealth is the data we collect. We focus on the classification and analysis of big data and the raw material of artificial intelligence because we want to produce intelligent data. Additionally, we want to contribute to the identification of strategies for digital economy indicators, while more actively and effectively supporting the implementation of Open Science policies.


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