Report 2016/17

Report 2016/17


Over the past few years, the National Documentation Centre has taken a particular direction which has led to innovative public services, a robust e-infrastructure and widespread recognition by national and international communities. Implementation of our objectives and recognition of our achievements made both 2016 and 2017 extremely critical years for us.

Through the creation of a trusted, technologically advanced and sustainable national content and data infrastructure, we have bolstered our catalytic role in the transition to a Knowledge Society. Over the two years 2016-2017, public services were completed and made available to a large number of bodies, introducing advanced technologies in organising digital content and in turn its dissemination and reuse, ensuring interoperability with other search systems while dealing with the issue of digital preservation. With our establishment as national aggregator of cultural content, we developed a single access and search site for scientific and cultural information, using Open Αccess policy for the availability of content.

At the same time, we consolidated our position as the central institution and reference point for the measurement and documentation of data on the Hellenic Research, Technology, Development and Innovation System. In 2016-2017, we intensified our efforts, with regular actions and publications, to create a ‘culture of numbers’ (a culture of data collecting and making use of data when determining future policy) for policy makers, and those generally interested in Greek research and development activities.

We enriched our indicators with data on highly skilled human resources, a major comparative advantage of the country and a key pillar of national policy. We contributed data to the formulation of evidence-based policies for the optimum use of human resources and, through our new programme ‘Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’, we highlighted the existing research/business opportunities that contribute to personnel staying in the country and ventually leading to the return of personnel.

We continued to expand our targeted services, information campaigns and counselling to exploit the knowledge generated in the country, strengthen research and innovation, and transfer technology and research results into viable and competitive business models in the public and private sectors. 

The driving force behind the results presented in detail in this annual report for 2016-2017 was our workforce, a great number of scientists, the majority of whom are young people with expertise in different disciplines.


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