Annual Report 2013

Annual Report 2013


2013 was a noteworthy year for our foundation EKT- the National Documentation Centre. The retirement of Evangelos Bouboukas, after a long and successful career as the Director of the organisation, marked the end of an era. At the same time, the maturation of a series of activities based on statistics for Research,Technology, Development & Innovation and the establishment of collaborations with organisations producing and disseminating reliable cultural content, as well as the redesign and expansion of Enterprise Europe Network - Hellas services, strengthened our already central role in the national knowledge ecosystem and extended our outward-looking approach to international value chains for a knowledge economy.

The Partnership Contract for the Common Strategic Framework [CSRF] 2014-2020. for which there was preparation in 2013, places the production of knowledge, innovation and the balance of sustainable growth at the centre of Greek programming, directly linking it with European and international priorities. We, EKT, are the central national infrastructure providing services and tools for supporting Research, Technology, Development and Innovation and our aim is to strengthen the quality and outward-looking approach of the whole of the Greek Research and Innovation ecosystem. Our activities and services are essential to the creation of prerequisites in order to move forward in accordance with European Strategy for 2020 and the national development programme for the period 2015-2021.

Within that framework, our organisation has participated in a series of consultations for the formation of the Digital Agenda 2020; national strategy for ICT; CSRF 2014-2020 in the research and cultural areas; the Community Directive and the new law for reuse of public sector information; regional Smart Specialisations Programmes; strategy for e-governance; the commitment of the country to open governance and, last but not least, the proposed law for research.


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