Greek National Archive of PhD Theses

The National Archive of PhD Theses is a service we provide to create an infrastructure for the collection, documentation and availabilty of PhD theses. The majority of the theses have been received since 1985 and have been awarded to students by Greek universities or foreign universities recognised by the National Academic Recognition Information Centre.

Today, the National Archive of PhD Theses includes 30,000 bibliiographic records and access to its content can be gained at

Opportunities and benefits for doctorate holders, researchers and the public

All visitors can perform a simple advanced search for a thesis through bibliographic records. Navigation uses defined fields (eg scientific fields, institution, author etc) and there is access to the full text of a thesis with the express purpose of reading it ( provided the digital file is in the National Archive of PhD Theses).
In addition, depending on copyright authorisation, a registered user can download a thesis, order a copy – in print or digital – or request a digital format of a thesis for which a full text is not available.

Open acces to PhD theses from a central, validated, reliable internet portal, as is the National Archive of PhD Theses, has benefits not only for the doctorate holders themselves and the research/scientific community but also the general public. Outcomes of original scientific research are showcased and are made accessible to the academic community. At the same time, it ensures the transparency of research, while preventing plagiarism and duplication. Every thesis registered with the National Archive of PhD Theses is given a unique URL, while the long-term preservation of its digital format is ensured

Management and electronic deposits

Recently the management system for the National Archive of PhD Theses has been upgraded to provide better support for the deposit of theses.  The management and electronic deposits service allows those concerned ( department secretaries, doctorate holders, ourselves ) to expedite the procedure by guiding them through the steps for deposting theses and ensure the files contain reliable data.