Role of National Documentation Centre as accredited National Cultural Data Aggregator for Europeana

18.04.2019The incorporation of the digital collections of organisations in and Europeana enhances the international promotion of Greek digital content. CreativityCultureDigital Content

‘Change came’ for 20,000 visitors to Athens Science Festival 2019

18.04.2019At the Athens Re-Science Festival 2019, visitors became familiar with science, knowledge became a game and was enjoyable for them, and, ultimately, they discovered that science can change the way we act, think and live daily!CreativityEducationScienceResearchInnovation

Libraries for children: Let’s share our experiences’ - library experience and reading in schools

17.04.2019The event was attended by expert information scientists, librarians, sociologists and specialists from the education and culture communities.EducationCultureDigital Content

Organisation and access to archival sources in the spotlight at Cavafy Archive Event

16.04.2019An interesting debate highlighted optimal organisation and management practices for archival sources from the domestic and international knowledge ecosystem which have an impact on research and educational practices.EducationResearchCultureDigital Content

enCOMPASS project partners visited Athens and Thessaloniki

16.04.2019The members of the consortium visited the National Documentation Centre facilities and were briefed on the use of the enCOMPASS app for energy saving.ScienceResearchInnovationTechnology

EKT participates in international conference for Humanities, Arts, Creative industries & Cultural Democracy

15.04.2019The National Documentation Centre contributed with a presentation of its role in the Greek humanities ecosystem. EducationCultureDigital Content

Online survey for the European Research Infrastructure services from CatRIS project

15.04.2019The CatRIS project team invites the research community to participate in an online survey running until April 19.ScienceResearchTechnology

Horizon Europe on its way with 100 billion euros for Research and Innovation

12.04.2019The programme was presented in Athens on Wednesday 27 March by J.E.Paquet, Director-General of DG Research and Innovation, European Commission.ResearchInnovation

Distinction for the Greek researcher at CERN Konstantinos Nikolopoulos

08.04.2019Funding of $ 100,000 was awarded to the Greek researcher for research on the Higgs boson, which helps to explore new perspectives in the field of fundamental physics. ScienceResearchFunding

Digital revolution and solidarity – EKT’s 3rd Public Lecture on Big Data and New Media

01.04.2019The lectures are intended for students, researchers, scientists from different disciplines, executives from the public and private sectors and anyone concerned with the transformation of big data into valuable documentation.EducationResearchDigital Content


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