Mission - Vision - Values

Paving the way for knowledge transfer and reuse in research and innnovation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make scientific knowledge accessible to all while developing and strengthening our activities to: ‘Disseminate, with as few limitations as possible, existing and future knowledge, so that it can be reused for research, education, development, innovation and society.’

Our Mission

  • To collect, document, disseminate and provide long-term preservation of quality digital content and data produced by Greek scientific, research and cultural communities.
  • To measure output and results of the Research, Technology, Development, Innovation (RDI) system and its comparison to European and international equivalents.
  • To follow through the broader national objective to exploit research results and innovation for public sector reform, developing the economy and solving social problems.
  • To ensure the continuous operation of the national electronic infrastructure, providing friendly access to reusable and reputable information, the collection and availability of data and production of statistics for RDI in Greece, and to offer a range of services for research, academic, educational and business communities.

Our Values

We see

  • Knowledge as a Public Good and its Documentation as a procedure which promotes value in the dissemination of Knowledge.

We believe

  • that policies for Research, Development, Technology, Innovation must be based on documented, proven data and results of scientific analysis.

We offer

  • quality public services which cover the complete cycle of organisation, availability, maintenance of digital content and data, in addition to measuring and mapping of RDI activities.

We work for

  • direct access to results deriving from public research expenditure
  • adoption of open access in publications and data from funders and researchers
  • exploitation of research results in the economy and tackling societal challenges
  • internationalisation and promotion of Greek research activities
  • promotion of innovation linked to technological progress and scientific knowledge to serve society and entrepreneurship
  • production and publication of trustworthy statistics for Research & Development and Innovation in business
  • support of policy makers in making decisions that exploit data we make available 
  • networking and co-operation of actors which make up the development cycle and reuse of scientific knowledge.

 We have

  • capable, qualified and skilled personnel
  • a large number of long-standing and mutually beneficial partnerships with prestigious institutional bodies and organisations
  • large-scale e infrastructure and services which enable the maintenance of and access  to research results
  • recognition from academia and the business community and the trust of partners
  • outward-looking and strategic partnerships with leading European organisations.

 We acknowledge

  • our public mission and provide services with integrated technological achievements to fulfill it
  • how critical the infrastructure we manage and maintain is for smooth continuous operation.