Our new site uses the Open Source CMS Drupal.

The following people contribute to the development of the site:
Structure and content: Publicity and Communications Department (Margaritis Proedrou, Elina Dimitriadi, Kostas Bekos, Dimitra Mavridou), Trudy Missia.
The following people contributed: Arelina Merakou. Georgia Angelaki and Joanna Doutsou.

Graphic design: Vasilis Doumanis
Development of online environment: Andreas Kalaitzis, Marios Vlachos

Photos-visual material: John Voulgarakis, Dimitra Pelekanou, Vasilis Doumanis

The website is updated by the Publicity and Communications Department in co-operation with EKT’s other departments and the support of the Development Unit for Software Applications and the Systems & Networks Unit.