‘Health and Research Journal’ online through ΕΚΤ’s eJournals platform

Read 82 scientific articles relating to all areas of health in the ‘Health and Research Journal’ archive.

A new publishing partnership with the School of Medicine, National University of Athens has been launched by the National Documentation Centre (EKT) for the hosting of the e-version of the School’s ‘Health and Research Journal’. The quarterly journal, whose purpose is to publish studies related directly or indirectly to all health matters, is transitioning into a new digital era. From now on, the ‘Health and Research Journal’ will be available online with Open Access, through EKT’s eJournals platform.

The journal, published by the Postgraduate Studies Programme (PSP) ‘Intensive Care Unit’, National University of Athens School of Medicine, with the support of the Hellenic Society of Nursing Research and Education and the ELERGA features peer-reviewed scholarly articles indexed in the Zenodo, DataCite and OpenAIRE repositories.

The articles, which are clearly headed (introduction, material-method, results, discussion, conclusions, bibliography, summaries in Greek and English), cover research that is purely clinical or experimental, of a prospective or retrospective nature and carried out following research protocol. Also included are reviews of issues related to health, book reviews, reports from the Government Gazette in direct or indirect connection with education and health sciences.

17 editions with open access to the full content of 82 research papers is already available in the journal archive. The first issue of the ‘Health and Research Journal’ was published in 2015 with the most recent being the October - December 2019 issue.

The PSP ‘Intensive Care Unit’, the University of Athens School of Medicine, the Hellenic Society of Nursing Research and Education and the Hellenic Society of Obstetric Exercise, Exercise and Rehabilitation are responsible for editing journal content, while EKT provides the infrastructure for the e-version.

ePublishing EKT

EKT provides its ePublishing services under its institutional role for the collection, organisation and dissemination of scientific content. ePublishing services offer eminent public interest entities the technical and operational environment for the development of their digital publications.

ePublishing infrastructure enables EKT to implement its strategy for the digital transformation of scientific publications so as to promote scholarly communication and the inclusion of content in national aggregators. The service covers the publication of journals, monographs and conference proceedings, allowing online reading of content in multiple formats and specialised searches.

To date, EKT’s eJournals platform hosts 41 scientific journals of the highest quality and provides the Greek and international scientific community with a unified publishing environment and open access to reliable content.

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