Digital edition of the new international scientific journal Technical Annals from the Technical Chamber of Greece and EKT

The English-language scientific journal ‘Technical Annals’, which covers all engineering disciplines, concerns interdisciplinary thematic areas that are dynamically determined both by the progress of Science and Engineering as well as by future trends and social needs.

The National Documentation Centre (EKT) has launched a new publishing collaboration with the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE-TCG), which is particularly important for the engineering community. Following the publication of the historical periodical ‘Technical Chronicles’, the Steering Committee of the Technical Chamber of Greece has entrusted the eJournals service developed by EKT with publishing the digital edition of the English-language scientific journal ‘Technical Annals’.

The aim of the journal is to boost communication, publicity and recognition by the international community of the research produced by Greek engineers at universities and research centres, start-ups, in the regions, urban areas, on construction sites and in the digital world.

The articles published in the journal cover all specialities of Mechanics, i.e. Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical and Computer Engineers, Architects, Chemical Engineers, Rural and Surveying Engineers, Mining – Metallurgical Engineers, Naval Architects – Mechanical Engineers, Electronic Engineers, Urban Planning and Development Engineers, Engineers Production and Management, Environmental Engineers and Mineral Resources Engineers.

The content of the journal ‘Technical Annals’ also falls into interdisciplinary thematic areas that are at the cutting edge of research and innovation. Such interdisciplinary thematic areas that are dynamically determined both by the progress of science and engineering, as well as by future trends and societal needs, concern, inter alia, fields related to agricultural engineering and food processing, artificial intelligence, aerodynamics, circular economy, climate change, cultural heritage, the process of education and learning, biomedicine, robotics, energy, environment, geoinformatics, materials science and engineering, spatial planning, sustainable development, etc.

In the first issue of the magazine titled ‘Transdisciplinary Multispectral Modeling and Cooperation for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage – 2nd International Conference, TMM_CH 2021’, important qualitative and quantitative participations / publications of Greek and foreign scientists have been collected interdisciplinarily for the Innovative, Interdisciplinary, Digital Preservation of Cultural Heritage – Redefining the identity of the world in crisis, through culture.

Given that scientific pioneering scientific knowledge and innovation has no borders, the TEE aspires to attract international interest through its cooperation with EKT for the digital edition and the distribution of the journal.

The content of each publication is the responsibility of the Editorial Board and the Scientific Board of the Journal. The Chief Editors of the Journal are: Antonia Moropoulou, Professor Emeritus of NTUA, Member of the Steering Committee of the Technical Chamber of Greece and Chrysostomos Doukas, Ann. Professor of NTUA, Member of the TEE Delegation. The Managing Editor of the Journal is Eleftheria Athini, Mining and Metallurgical Engineer, Head of the Directorate of Scientific and Development Activity of the Technical Chamber of Greece.

EKT, in the context of its cooperation with the Technical Chamber of Greece, provides the necessary infrastructure for the electronic publication, hosting and distribution of the magazine.

EKT eJournals publishing service

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It should be noted that the eJournals service for the publication and hosting of journals is addressed to scientific publishers, academic and research institutions of the country, folklore institutions and cultural organisations that choose to dispose of their scientific production with Open Access. Through this service, collaborating publishers can create a new scientific journal from the outset and transfer their publishing activity to a new upgraded and constantly evolving digital environment.

At the same time, the possibility of direct promotion and dissemination of the scientific work is a given and the direct access of wider groups of users to the new scientific knowledge produced in Greece is ensured.

The eJournals service for the digital publication of scientific and thematic journals is provided through an online environment of electronic publishing, of high technical and quality standards, covering all stages of the publishing process. Publishers of the journals can:

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Through the above actions, the readability of periodicals is increased, which promotes academic communication and the efficient research process. In this context, EKT assigns DOI for each article, thus safeguarding the publications of researchers, scientists and academics in indexing bases (Scopus) and contributing to their advancement.

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