Positive initial energy saving results of enCOMPASS project

04.12.2018The enCOMPASS project aims to cultivate energy saving behaviour in users of public and private buildings through the development and use of a user-friendly system which helps in understanding power consumption data and its optimal management. ScienceResearchInnovationTechnology

Women Innovators Prize 2019 opens for applications

04.12.2018The Competition is funded by Horizon 2020 and will award 3 prizes worth 100,000 euros each at prize of 50,000 euros to women who innovate.Entrepreneurship InnovationFunding

Career Talks for young researchers at National Hellenic Research Foundation

23.11.2018Experienced researchers will present career prospects and opportunities in research with the aim of inspiring the audience of mainly young researchers at the beginning of their careers. Entrepreneurship Funding

Networking of Greek scientists funded by European Research Council for top European researchers

16.11.201840 researchers taking part in the 1st International Conference of Greek ERC Grantees were given a chance to discuss and exchange opinions with members of the Scientific Council of the European Research Council. ScienceResearchInnovationFunding

'Region and Periphery' journal available with Open Access on EKT's eJournals platform

16.11.2018'Region and Periphery' is an interdisciplinary journal, published bi-annually. It publishes scientific articles in the Greek and English languages, aiming for a wide-ranging coverage of issues related to regional development from a historical, legal, institutional, political, social, environmental, cultural, spatial and economic point of view.EducationScienceResearchCultureDigital Content

Research and Development expenditure in Greece rises to 1.14 % of GDP in 2017

09.11.2018R&D expenditures increased according to the preliminary statistics by the National Documentation Centre.ScienceResearchFunding

EKT at StartupNow Forum: An event dedicated to supporting the startup ecosystem

07.11.2018The goal of the event is the promotion of interaction between startuppers, new entrepreneurs, investors, business executives and SMEs seeking new opportunities.Entrepreneurship InnovationTechnologyFunding

New mentoring services by the initiative "Knowledge and Partnership Bridges"

05.11.2018Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’, having invested in networking Greeks who are professionally active in different parts of the world, managed to create a robust network of professionals who have the willing and the abilities to act as mentors.CreativityEducationScienceEntrepreneurship Innovation

Online training seminar - SME Instrument Enhancing Women’s Innovative Enterprises

02.11.2018The goal of the seminar is to support innovative women entrepreneurs in competitively participating in the SME Instrument funding programme. EducationEntrepreneurship InnovationFunding

National Documentation Centre's contribution to disseminating knowledge and connecting research with businesses

22.10.2018Αt the National Hellenic Research Foundation’s 60th celebration, ΕΚΤ’s network partners participated in presenting its activities and services. EducationScienceEntrepreneurship ResearchInnovationCultureDigital Content


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