16 September last day for Bridges Awards applications

Awards for 12 business partnerships and scientific networks.

Less than one week remains until the deadline for applications for the Bridges Awards. The new awards scheme, introduced this year under the ‘Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’, whose aim is to promote and reward collaboration between Greeks worldwide, invites interested parties to submit applications before 5pm (Greek time) Monday 16 September 2019 at http://awards.knowledgebridges.gr.

The Bridges Awards includes two categories, ‘Bridges Awards for Scientific Networks’ and ‘ Bridges Awards for Business Partnerships’. The first category rewards individual scientific networks or partnership networks from Greece and abroad which have achieved remarkable results, and which have at least 15 members worldwide. The second category focuses on business ventures, in which Greeks and foreign nationals (Greek or non-Greek origin) aim to produce products or services with impact in Greece.

Award winners will receive the following cash prizes: First category – scientific networks, 1st prize: 15,000 euro. 2nd prize: 12,000 euro, 3rd prize 10,000 euro and 3 Distinctions: 5,000 euro (per distinction). For the second category-business partnerships: 1st prize: 25,000 euro, 2nd prize 20,000, 3rd prize 15,000 euro and 3 Distinctions: 10,000 euro (per distinction).

Evaluation of award applications will be conducted by a special committee and will comprise three stages, (1) a check on fulfilment of participation conditions, (2) the evaluation of award applications, and (3) a check on the validity of the candidate’s accompanying documents.

Promoters of the Bridges Awards are the General Secretariat for Strategic and Private Investments, Ministry of Development and Investment and the National Documentation Centre (EKT).

Note that the ‘Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’ initiative(www.knowledgebridges.gr), which supports the creation of networking and the development of ‘bridges’ with Greeks living and working abroad, focuses on reconnecting with the country, building activity opportunities and entering into partnerships with scientists, professionals, institutions and businesses.

Those interested can find the terms and conditions for participation and submit the online award application at http://awards.knowledgebridges.gr.

www.ekt.gr, with information from EKT