Successful visit of “Knowledge and Partnership Bridges” in the Netherlands and in Northern Greece

Great attention was paid to information given about the initiative ‘Knowledge & Partnership Bridges’ by hundreds attending the 2nd EU Jobs & Mobility Roadshow, which was successfully held in cities of Northern Greece 20-25 November 2017 and the event held in Amsterdam on Sunday 26th November.

“Knowledge & Partnership Bridges” were at Drama, Serres and Thessaloniki on 23, 24 and 25 November respectively, as part of a series of events organised by the four Europe Direct Centres of Komotini, Xanthi, the Municipality of Thessaloniki and the American Agricultural School Thessaloniki in Northern Greece for the 2nd EU Jobs & Mobility Roadshow

The operational team of the National Documentation Centre informed young people, students, researchers, graduates and entrepreneurs about the benefits of connecting through participating in the platform. Participants at the conference showed great interest in the initiative, not only wanting to learn more and to register on the platform but also to contribute to the further dissemination of the initiative.

The approximately 200 participants who took part in each of the events learned about topics such as “soft skills” in the work place, mobility opportunities  for students and researchers, CV drafting, vocational guidance etc. Of particular interest were presentations such as that on the European Youth Portal and careers with European bodies given by the Head of Economic Management Administration and the European Commission representative in Greece, Michael Papayianni.

One day after, on Sunday 26th November at Amsterdam’s Vrije University more than 80 Greeks actively participated in an event in which they themselves were at the forefront and young Greeks working in Holland took part in the panel. The event concerning  the initiative “Knowledge & Partnership Bridges” was jointly organized by the National Documentation Centre (EKT), the General Secretariat for Strategy and Private Investment, Ministry of Economy and Development, the Greek embassy in Holland and the Hellenic Community of Amsterdam.

Welcoming speeches were given by the Greek Ambassador to Holland, Mr Dimitris Chronopoulos and the president of the Hellenic Community of Amsterdam, Mr Dimitris Philipopoulos. Speakers in the first segment were the General Secretary for Strategy and Private Investment, Professor Lois Lamprianidis, the Director of the National Documentation Centre, Dr Evi Sachini and the Co-ordinator of the initiative at EKT, Dimitris Maragkos. Mr Lamprianidis explained the theoretical background of the initiative and emphasized the real need for an initiative to network Greeks from all over the world. Mrs Sachini explained the role of EKT in the initiative, while Mr Maragkos gave practical information about how Greeks around the world can use the platform to network.

The second segment included an exceptionally live  “round table” which discussed networking and the business activities of Greeks living in Holland.

“Knowledge & Partnership Bridges” is a new national initiative which is being implemented by the National Documentation Centre (EKT) and has been designed by the General Secretariat for Strategy and Private Investment of the Ministry of Economy and Development. The initiative is designed to promote available opportunities for all Greeks and actively support them with network services, so as to achieve partnerships between Greek professionals abroad and those in Greece, and to create entrepreneurial networks and research links of a developmental nature,for the benefit of the individuals themselves and  the Greek economy. It aims to inform Greek professionals who live and work abroad about the opportunities for and the conditions of gaining access to financial resources, initiatives and institutions (eg incubators) which facilitate this co-operation. It will be used to collect data on Greek scientists living and working abroad. Using this data on their exact number, their needs and their profiles will enable the further development of targeted policies.