EKT and the Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation are expanding their co-operation

The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at strengthening the Research and Innovation ecosystems in Greece and Cyprus.

With the main aim of further strengthening the Research and Innovation ecosystems of Greece and Cyprus as well as the expansion of their co-operation in areas of common interest, the National Documentation Centre (EKT) and the Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF) signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

Recognising the key role that Research and Innovation plays in addressing current economic, social and other challenges, EKT and RIF are joining forces to facilitate synergies between actors from the two countries. The focus of the Memorandum is given to the co-operation in the new European Union funding programme for Research and Innovation 'Horizon Europe' and the EKT initiative 'Knowledge and Partnership Bridges'.

In particular, the Memorandum provides, inter alia, for the encouragement of Greek and Cypriot bodies to submit joint research proposals to the Horizon Europe Programme, namely to the Multi-sectoral Clusters 'Health', 'Digital Technologies, Industry and Space' and Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, through activities to be carried out by the National Contact Points of the two countries. In this context, the exchange of information and the organisation of joint activities to inform and create collaborations between the scientific and research communities of each country are expected.

At the same time, through the EKT initiative ' Knowledge and Partnership Bridges' the networking of scientists, researchers and innovative companies from Cyprus and Greece will be promoted with the aim of the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and experiences. The Initiative aims to create bridges of understanding and to cultivate bonds of co-operation between Greeks, wherever they are.

On the digital platform of the Initiative ' Knowledge and Partnership Bridges' (www.knowledgebridges.gr), which was recently updated, Greeks, including Cypriots, can register as members of the diaspora to receive services and information with the main purpose of networking and co-operation. The upgraded digital platform provides a  user-friendly and interactive environment which enables the networking of members looking for partners and who wish to receive guidance from trained mentors for further personal and professional development, as well as access to useful information on financial opportunities, scholarships. and studies in Greece and take part in training seminars.

In her statements during the meeting of the Directors of the two Organizations, the Director of EKT, Dr. Evi Sachini, expressed her satisfaction with the formalisation of this systematic co-operation based on the common points of interest with a body such as the Research and Innovation Foundation. 'Our goal is joining forces to help the communities of Greek and Cypriot researchers, scientists, businesspeople and professionals to network and have more effective access to information and targeted services,' said E. Sachini, who referred to the importance of the co-operation of the two organisations regarding the European programmes for which they are National Contact Points, and the need to transfer the know-how that is necessary for the formation of a beneficial ecosystem of research and innovation between the two countries.

For his part, the Director General of the Research and Innovation Foundation, Mr. Theodoros Loukaidis, welcomed the signing of the Memorandum, which institutionalises a collaboration that strengthens the already close relations between the two countries in the fields of Research and Innovation. Th. Loukaidis noted that 'encouraging the elaboration of joint projects at European level and the exchange of know-how with countries that have a more advanced ecosystem than Cyprus increases outreach and facilitates the transfer of knowledge and skills, contributing significantly to the further development of the Cypriot economy. Therefore, building links with bodies such as EKT opens new perspectives and strengthens co-operation with the Greek and Cypriot diaspora, which can enrich the research conducted in our country and facilitate the international networking of the scientific community.'

National Documentation Centre (EKT)

The National Documentation Centre (EKT) is a Scientific Infrastructure for National Use and National Authority of the Hellenic Statistical System and is supervised by the Ministry of Digital Governance. As an electronic and physical infrastructure of national scope, EKT's institutional role is the collection, aggregation, organisation, documentation, dissemination within the country and abroad and the digital preservation of scientific, technological and cultural information, content and data, produced in Greece. EKT provides value-added services that enhance knowledge and the transition to a digital society and economy, as part of the country's digital transformation.

Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF)

The Research and Innovation Foundation is the national body responsible for supporting and promoting research, technological development and innovation in Cyprus. The implementation of its mission is achieved through the design and management of grant programmes for research projects and innovative activities in conjunction with the support of the integration of Cypriot researchers in research activities in Europe and internationally.

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