Information Day 'Funding Opportunities for Research and Innovation in Health'

01.08.2019The National Document Centre will present its actions and services for research and business communities as National Contact Point for Horizon 2020, as co-ordinator of Enterprise Europe Network-Hellas and as co-ordinator of EIT-Health Hub in Greece.Entrepreneurship ResearchInnovationFunding

Hellenic National Bioethics Commission journal 'Bioethica' joins EKT ejournals platform

26.07.2019The aim of the journal is to inform and facilitate the exchange of views and knowledge between scientists with great theoretical or practical interest in matters relating to Bioethics across all disciplines EducationScienceResearchDigital Content

R&D indicators for Greece improve further

26.07.2019The official National Documentation Centre findings have been announced. ResearchInnovationFunding

Improved Greek innovation performance 2018

26.07.2019Greece has the second-best performance in the EU in improving innovation for the period 2011-2018, according to the European Innovation Scoreboard.Entrepreneurship ResearchInnovationFunding

HIRMEOS: Enhancing open access monographs in the digital research ecosystem

19.07.2019The National Documentation Centre (EKT) participated in the European project HIRMEOS through its monographs publishing platform Open Book Press. EducationScienceResearchTechnologyDigital Content

The journal ‘Investigating the child’s world’ enriches the scientific content of EKT eJournals platform

19.07.2019The journal is designed to highlight the scientific research and teaching innovations in educating children of pre-school and primary school age.EducationScienceResearchDigital Content

ICT Proposers’ Day 2019 – coming in September in Helsinki

16.07.2019As part of the conference, the Ideal-ist network and the Enterprise Europe Network are organising Brokerage Events for companies and researchers active in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT).Entrepreneurship ResearchInnovation

Hellenic Innovation Forum 2019: Business met research

16.07.2019The central theme of this year's conference was the linking of the academic and research community with the business world.ScienceEntrepreneurship ResearchInnovation

Sharing experiences and good practices for gender equality in research and innovation at GENDERACTION

15.07.2019The event confirmed the importance of projects like GENDERACTION that enhance gender equality through initiatives designed to raise awareness and share good practices. EducationScienceResearchInnovation

Five researchers turned entrepreneurs share their success stories

11.07.2019The EKT event at the Hellenic Innovation Forum 2019 presented an image of a country with highly capable scientific and research personnel that dare to envision and create the future.ScienceEntrepreneurship ResearchInnovation


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