Initiatives for the use of digital technology against the pandemic from the Ministry of Digital Governance

At a time when doctors and nurses are fighting on the front line, the Greek state urges innovative minds of Greek society to use digital tools to help support the National Health System.

The Ministry of Digital Governance has announced two new initiatives aimed at highlighting innovative proposals and the rapid implementation of mature digital solutions that will have immediate results in supporting the National Health System to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

The action is an open call for the mobilisation of the innovative minds of Greek society to use digital tools to help support the National Health System. The two initiatives will be linked to the #EUvsVirus European Commission Competition, which will be implemented on April 24-26, as a single national participation, entitled #GreeceVsVirus.

The National Documentation Centre (EKT) also supports this national and European effort to combat the pandemic and actively supports these actions in its role as National Contact Point for Horizon 2020, as co-ordinator of the Enterprise Europe Network - Hellas consortium and as the Greek hub of EIT Health, the initiative of the European Institute of Innovation & Technology.

The two national initiatives are:

Digital Innovation Against COVID-19 Ideas Challenge #COVIDhackGR

The competition aims to highlight new ideas and proposals aimed at tackling the COVID-19 pandemic. The proposals will be evaluated and those that lead to immediately applicable solutions will be awarded.

Participation in the competition is for: businesses, start-ups and existing, research teams, Health and Informatics researchers, technology executives, and those who want to contribute to the implementation of the proposals that will be presented.

Proposals for the competition, which started on Tuesday April 14,  can be submitted here until Sunday April 26.  Developers, mentors, experienced scientists and professionals as well as others wishing to give their support can participate by contributing their knowledge and experience. Throughout the competition, each team will be supported by these technology professionals to mature and transform their idea into practice and a useful solution.

Rapid Implementation of Mature Solutions

The action aims to accelerate the implementation of mature innovative digital solutions to tackle the pandemic. In the process of evaluation, proposals can be submitted for technological applications that have either emerged through other competitive actions (eg hackathons) to address the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, or are already mature solutions with the potential for immediate completion through the use of existing production facilities. Proposals can be submitted here.

The #COVIDhackGR initiative of the Ministry of Digital Governance is supported by the country's most important research and academic institutions and collective health and technology bodies. The initiative for Acceleration and Immediate Implementation of Innovative Digital Solutions is supported by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Development & Investment.

A detailed description of the initiatives and a presentation of the process for the submission and evaluation of the relevant proposals are available at

EKT supports digital action against the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic caused by the new coronavirus has hit most of the planet, creating an unprecedented situation in which we are all called upon to adapt. Responding to the new conditions, EKT has set up a website to provide valid information for the research community and anyone interested in the development of scientific research to combat the pandemic. EKT also provides ongoing support for businesses, individuals and organisations, including:

-Information on financial opportunities in relation to digital solutions as National Contact Point for ICT Horizon 2020, following online testing of proposals before their submission
- Guidance on the use of online communication tools, including a list of the most common teleconferencing and project management tools.
- Strengthening of co-operation and networking by supporting participation in digital European platforms, virtual B2B meetings and global competitions such as the following:

-Co-organisation & support for the following national initiatives:

  •  Antivirus Crowdhackathon, 2-5 April 2020 (the first innovation marathon for digital applications and methodologies that tackle the consequences of the pandemic supported by the Attica Region),
  •  #HackCoronaGreece, April 7-13, 2020 (hackathon aimed at finding smart and immediately applicable solutions for the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in Greece),
  • COVID19 Response Greece, (open community of volunteers with scientific and technological background)., with information from Ministry of Digital Governance, EKT