Library, Content & Services How-to

Here you can find some tips on using the services. See the FAQs if you don't find what you are looking for.

Looking for bibliography on a particular subject?

  1.   Search the library's databases
  •  Select the database by subject or alphabetically. You can  search databases remotely if they are open access, but you can only access those which are subscription-based from the library premises.
  •  On opening the database, use key words  which describe your item of search. Bibliographic references do not usually have full-texts
  1. ◦ Alternatively, ask the expert library staff to do the search for you by sending an online application to Bibliographic Reference Services

Looking for a particular article for which you have details of publication?

Search for the journal title in the National Union Catalogue of Scientific Journals

  •   If you find the journal title in the library catalogue and:

a. it exists in e-form, you can print or download it via the electronic reading room or connecting to the free Wi-Fi.
b. it is only in printed form, you can photocopy it or study it in the library reading room

  •   If it isn't in the library's collection but is in that of any of the libraries in the National Network of Science and Technology Libraries, you can order it by completing an online application Document  Delivery Services & Interlibrary Loans.
  •  If it isn't in any Greek library, we can order it for you from collaborating libraries abroad, on receipt of the above application.

Do you want to order a book as an interlibrary loan?

Complete the online application Document Delivery Services & Interlibrary Loans at Services. You will be notified when your order has been processed.  You can only study it in the library reading room.
Apart from books, we can order any type of publication

Looking for citations?

  •   Search the interdisciplinary databases Web of Science and Scopus from the e- reading room or connect via your laptop using the library's free Wi-Fi.
  •   Alternatively, complete the online application Citation Index & Bibliometric Indicators Services and we will do the search for you.

Searching open access sources?

Selected sources of reliable open content to which you have access remotely via internet are: