National Union Catalogue of Scientific Journals (ESKEP)

The National Union Catalogue of Scientific Journals provides users with unique tools to search for a specific journal or to view the entire journal collection of a Greek library.

The catalogue contains bibliographic data on both printed and digital journals which are available at Greek libraries. The collections cover all disciplines, while for every journal title information is given about the collection of the library with that particular journal. Currently, 201 libraries with a total of 82,103 journal titles are included in the catalogue. ESKEP is supported by the National Network of Science and Technology Libraries with 147 member libraries.

Users of ESKEP can:

  •  locate a journal using its full name, words from its title, the ISSN, etc
  • consult the complete biblographic entry for the journal, which includes information on the publisher, country of publication, history, etc
  • see which Greek libraries have the journal in their collection in printed or digital form and details such as issue number and year
  • have online access to full-texts (if journals are subscriber-based). This information is available at 'Ηλεκτρονικη Προσβαση' in the journal records.
  • consult the nearest member of the National Network of Scientific and Technological Libraries to order a journal article from another member's collection. Library websites , contact details, addresses, opening hours and other details are also available at ESKEP.