The EKT Library of Science Technology and Culture is of national significance as it serves not only researchers and the National Hellenic Research Foundation employees but also scientists, researchers, academics and students of all disciplines throughout the country

  1.  Registering as a member: A membership card is needed to use the library and its services. This can be acquired by completing an application form with your personal details and providing proof of your identity [eg ID card, passport, driving licence, student ID etc]. Before entering the library,  personal belongings must be left in the provided lockers and removed when leaving.
  2.  As we are not a lending library, our material must not leave the reading room.
  3.  You can study journals and other informational material, in whatever form, in the reading room or you can make photocopies using your photocopy card.
  4.  Priority is given to visitors using the library's own material.
  5.  With respect to copyright, users are responsible for any reproduction of material using scanners and photocopiers.
  6.  In accordance with user rights of the material, users of electronic sources must ensure that material is for personal or research use only, is not used commercially nor are copies to be given to third parties.
  7. Personal laptops etc can be used.
  8. The staff should be notified in the event of loss or damage to library material. Charges for replacement of the material will be made and if this is not possible, then the user will be liable for the cost of buying or photocopying and binding the material within 30 days. Members will be prosecuted in  the event of theft or attempted theft.
  9. We protect the rights to privacy and confidentiality of every member with regard to the information acquired as well as the material consulted, photocopied or received.
  10. All user information which has been saved is strictly confidential and is only used in serving the user and for statistics regarding the service, performance monitoring and detecting system malfunctions.We select and process registered user data in compliance with current legislation so as to monitor the legality of access, the efficiency of the services which are offered, the information provided and the updates given to users.
  11. Quiet is required for the smooth running of the library and individual study. The use of mobile phones or noisy devices is prohibited.
  12. Users accompanying children are responsible for their safety and behaviour.
  13. Eating , drinking and smoking are not permitted, nor is the use of anything which may damage the library material. Highlighting, writing or drawing on the material, equipment, furniture or the building is not allowed.
  14. Users do not have to put back materials they are using.
  15. People with disabilities have priority whatever service.
  16. Opening hours are: Monday – Friday 8.30-20.00.

These opening times may vary if it is deemed necessary.

The main aim of these regulations is to protect the common interests of all  users and to allow the effective working of the library.


Our library staff have the right to supervise compliance with the rules as well as request any visitor to leave the premises if they refuse to comply with them.


The terminals are designed to facilitate access to the library's entire digital content while safeguarding the safety of the system.

  • Priority is given to those who exploit the content of our digital library.
  • The support given by the staff is only for the sources available in the digital library and only for purposes falling within the 'intended uses' as mentioned below.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw the rights or limit access and use of available sources of information and/or Electronic Reading Room work stations.
  • Our staff have the right to check the data that a user downloads or prints, as well as to supervise the use of terminals so as to ensure their intended use and compliance with the regulations.
  • We have the right to amend the current regulations when it is deemed necessary.

Intended uses:

  • The search and acquisition of information from all sources of our digital library
  • The search of our selected  internet sources and printing
  • The saving of data in accordance with the directions for the completion of work in as short a time as possible and the consideration of others who are waiting
  • The use of programs/applications such as word processing, spreadsheets etc


Non-intended uses:

  • The use of available sources of information for profit or business purposes
  • The use of terminals for entertainment
  • The use of terminals for disrespectful or illegal activities, harassment, infringement of copyright, slander, theft, unauthorised access
  • The use of terminals by unauthorised users
  • Damage of any sort to the terminals
  • The destruction of files or the installation of software without permission and the tampering with the system's software/hardware settings
  • The consumption of food or drink, smoking
  • The use of mobiles or noisy devices
  • Improper behaviour and disturbance of other users.

Users not complying with the above terms will forfeit their right to use the Electronic Reading Room.