Educational Activities

We organize educational seminars to promote the better use of available information sources both printed and digital. The seminars are aimed at all members of the academic community (students, educators) as well as secondary school students.

The seminar entitled ' Library collections and digital information services' explains:

  •   The collections content: databases, printed journals and digital collections, e-books, National Archive of PhD Theses, open access sources, repositories, digital libraries and selected internet sources.
  •   The digital information services which the library provides users, the rights and obligations of users, the search procedure for documents, the use of the ESKEP etc.
  •   Search techniques and strategy for acquiring scientific information from bibliography databases and library catalogues, with examples and educational scenaria using real questions. Use of 'Boolean' data type to link 2 or more search terms or phrases so as to limit the search results, and to be as accurate as possible.

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