About the library

The EKT library of Science Technology & Culture, housed in the National Hellenic Research Foundation building, is a major, nationally used scientific establishment and is one of the biggest  scientific and technological journals libraries  in Greece.

We help to support EKT's mission -  to collect, document, manage and preserve  reliable content and data produced by the Greek and international scientific, research and cultural communities – by providing a 'portal' to those communities.

The 1.400 sq metre library is on 3 levels, ( ground, mezzanine and basement) and although it is open to the public, it mainly serves scientists, researchers and students of all disciplines.

On the ground floor, there is not only a reading room but also an electronic reading room with 19  terminals for users wishing to access material in our Digital Library. With its free wi-fi and advanced access services to digital scientific, technological and cultural content, the library is a suitable meeting  and work place for researchers, scientists, students and schoolchildren.

There are both printed and digital collections of journals and books, databases and open access resources covering all the main fields. More specifically, there are 2.000 journals in printed form, more than 14.000 journals in digital / electronic form, 26.570 e-books, 50 international databases, e-repositories, open access and the National Archive of Greek PhD Theses.  Additionally, through services for interlibrary and full-text requests, and in co-operation with an extended network of libraries and large-scale content providers from abroad, we are able to sastisfy requests for scientific journal articles, conference proceedings, patents etc.

Amongst the important services we offer the research, scientific and business communities of the country are the Bibliographic reference Services and the Citation Index & Bibliometric Indicators Services.

In addition, the development of e-content services, which is basic to EKT's strategy, is supported by all the services which are provided through the Library of Science Technology and Culture whether digitally (eg Greek National Archive of PhD Theses, Databases, Scientific Journals Catalogue) or digitally and in print ( eg interlibrary ).

We are a reference library for 147 libraries of the National Νetwork of Scientific and Technological Libraries. Through the network, developed and co-ordinated by EKT, and through online orders,any interested users, no matter what their background or work, have access to material of all the libraries in the network.