Electronic Reading Room

The electronic reading room, with 19 work stations and wireless broadband, can be used within the library. Through it, and the free Wi-Fi, there is open access to all our available scientific, technological and cultural content both subscription-based and open. Its availability supports the role of the library as a meeting and work place for researchers, scientists, students and schoolchildren.

The Electronic Reading Room can be used to:

  •  browse the library's entire collection (16,500 journals, 26,570 books, 72 databases, selected internet sources)
  •  make prints (colour & black and white)
  •  download your results onto your own device (CD, USB etc)
  •  send your results to your email


To use the Electronic Reading Room:

  •  see the operational regulations for the use of the installation and sources
  •  see the analytical guide for the use of the infrastructure
  •  complete the application for access to the Electronic Reading Room selecting the charges to be made to your account
  •  deposit the application with the library's electronic helpdesk along with the fee you have selected to pay
  •  the staff create your electronic account crediting it with the amount selected
  •  sign in with the code you have been given. The charge is in accordance with the service's list of charges

Need help? Ask the expert library staff for help with any queries.