Reading Rooms

The reading room, which can accommodate up to 50 visitors, is on the ground floor of the library and is ideal for researchers, scientists and students to study, meet or co-operate with others.

Although it is not a lending library, the reading room can be used to study scientific journals from the printed collections or the visitor's own material. Personal laptops can be used, or a group can work together.

Throughout the library premises, there is free Wi-Fi giving free access to all of the library's digital content whether subscription-based or open.

Also available for use are 2 photocopiers and a scanner which take magnetic cards with a prepaid number of pages. These can be obtained from the Helpdesk. Photocopying from all the library's content is allowed but copyright rules apply.

There is a computer specifically for access to the National Scientific Journals Catalogue.

The Helpdesk staff are on hand to answer any queries about sources and the use of our servuces including: Bibliographic Reference Services, Citation Index and Bibliometric Indicators Services and Document Delivery Services & Interlibrary Loans.