Library journals

There are over 16,000 journal titles from reputable international publishers covering  scientific, technological and cultural fields available in the library collection. They are available in both electronic and printed form and can be located through the National Union Catalogue of Scientific Journals (ΕSKEP). Access to the content of subscription - based electronic journals is possible from the library itself, through EKT's electronic reading room and by using wi-fi on NHRF premises, as well as via NHRF installations. In certain cases, access can be gained via the HEAL-Link.

Open Access Journals

Open Access Journals which are freely available online are collected, checked and classified before being made electronically available offsite through your personal computer.

EKT ePublishing journals

EKT ePublishing journals are open access journals which are published by our e-publishing service in co-operation with reputable publishers and prominent Greek organisations in the areas of research, education and culture.

All the journals not located through the above can be found using the Document Delivery Services & Interlibrary Loans.