The International impact of Greek scientific publications is rising steadily

19.10.2018The National Documentation Centre just published a report on the indicators of the Greek scientific publications in international journals during 2002-2016. ScienceResearchCultureFunding

International Conference on Smart Statistics for Smart Cities in Kalamata

20.09.2018The subject of the Conference is the exploitation of smart statistics in improving the quality of citizens' life.ScienceResearchInnovationTechnology

Celebrating 60 years of the National Hellenic Research Foundation

19.09.2018During the event, the activities of the three Institutes and EKT, their achievements and their prospects will be presented.ScienceResearchInnovationCulture

The multiple dimensions of brain drain in the spotlight of EKT's Event in Thessaloniki

19.09.2018Collaboration, networking and innovative entrepreneurship are the ‘keys’ to the country’s growth prospects. 4,500 Greeks from 20 towns all over Greece and 30 countries from all over the world followed the event via live streaming.CreativityEntrepreneurship ResearchInnovation

"Theophrastus Repository" for the environment and forestry science

18.09.2018‘Theophrastus’ is intended for all members of the scientific and educational communities, especially scientists in the field of forest ecosystems, and anyone searching for material related to Forestry and the Natural Environment.ScienceResearchDigital Content

ICT Conference 2018: Networking opportunities for the academic, research and entrepreneurial communities

17.09.2018The ICT Conference 2018 is expected to bring together more than 5,000 organisations, businesses, universities, research centres, policy makers and public bodies interested in submitting proposals for 2019 calls of Horizon 2020 and who are seeking potential research and technology partners.Entrepreneurship ResearchInnovationTechnologyFunding

Researchers’ Night is back with a series of events in September for young and old!

15.09.2018Through presentations, events specifically designed for students, workshops for teachers, and a variety of original events, research centres in Athens, including the National Hellenic Research Foundation will open their doors to the public.EducationScienceResearchInnovationTechnology

Greek participation in ‘Societal Challenges’ Horizon 2020- new EKT publication

06.09.2018The new EKT publication presents data on the participation of Greek, 2014-2017, in the Horizon 2020 priority ‘Societal Challenges’.ResearchInnovationFunding

‘Knowledge & Partnership Bridges’ in Thessaloniki

04.09.2018At the meeting, there will be a presentation of the benefits that Greek entrepreneurs and Greek businesses operating in Greece and abroad can enjoy from networking and collaborating!CreativityEntrepreneurship InnovationFunding

EMPOWA event “Women entrepreneurs in Horizon 2020 and beyond”

03.09.2018The event is being held as part of the EMPOWA project which is being carried out by EKT and targets organisations and bodies that support women entrepreneurs in high tech and innovation.Entrepreneurship InnovationTechnologyFunding


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