‘Research in Mathematics Education’ broadening the content of EKT’s eJournals platform

The 9th issue of the journal published by the Greek Association of Researchers of Mathematics Education (GARME), featuring five scientific articles on different topics, is available electronically with the support of EKT.

The National Documentation Centre (EKT) has launched a partnership with the Greek Association of Researchers of Mathematics Education (GARME) for the electronic publication of their scientific journal ‘Research in Mathematics Education’ on EKT’s, eJournals platform, ePublishing Service.The journal mainly targets the Greek scientific community engaged in the study of subjects related to Mathematical Education. It publishes articles of diverse research content such as experimental research, ethnographic studies, case studies, action research, reviews, theoretical discussions etc, which meet the journal evaluation criteria.

In addition, special issues may include articles aimed at familiarising teachers with the model of teacher-researcher. For example, projects related to experiments in the classroom, educational use of teaching aids, tools and materials and innovative applications and ideas which involve the participation of educators.

The journal’s goal is to encourage research into the teaching and learning of mathematics on every level, from preschool to university, as well as to develop a fertile and scientifically supported basis for mathematical education.

Issues 7 & 8 of the journal, which  was first published in 2007, are available with open access on EKT’s platform here. The 9th and current issue, also available electronically with the support of EKT, features five scientific articles on different topics. Several of these articles were featured at the 6th National Conference, held in December 2015 by GARME.

Under their joint collaboration, EKT provides the infrastructure for the electronic publication of the journal and GARME is responsible for the scientific editing of content.

The Greek Association of Researchers of Mathematics Education is a non-profit organisation representing Greek scientists engaged in Mathematical Education. The union’s aim is to contribute to the development of basic and applied scientific research in the field of Mathematical Education, the dissemination of research results to public and private entities related to mathematical literacy and the representation and support of professionals in Mathematical Education in Greece and abroad.

This new collaboration between EKT and GARME to publish the electronic version of the journal ‘Research in Mathematics Education’, broadens the range of subject areas from which potential users of EKT’s ePublishing service can draw. With the addition of this journal, the eJournals platform now hosts 28 high quality journals and provides open access to reputable content in a single environment.

www.ekt.gr, with information from Greek Association of Researchers of Mathematics Education (GARME)