Three new scientific journals are available on EKT's eJournals platform

The publishing environment of the eJournals platform was used by the Hellenic Psychological Society, the Ionian Society for Historical Studies and the Laboratory 'Philosophy-Governance-Economy' of NKUA to make the scientific journals they publish available.

Three new journals with scholarly content in the fields of Psychology, History and Philosophy are now available on the eJournals platform developed by the National Documentation Centre (EKT). Visitors to the platform can now browse the content of the scientific journals 'Psychology', 'Peri Historias' and 'Ethics' and discover more than 800 scientific articles.

81 issues and 645 research papers are available in the online environment of the Hellenic Psychological Society's scientific journal 'Psychology '. 82 scholarly articles in 9 issues of 'Peri Historias' from the Ionian Society for Historical Studies have been  published, while 79 articles are available in the archive of the 12 issues of the 'Ethics' journal published by the Laboratory of 'Philosophy-Governance-Economy ' of the Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

In the context of its co-operation with publishers, EKT provides the infrastructure for the electronic publication of journals, while the Hellenic Psychological Society, the Ionian Society for Historical Studies and the Laboratory of Philosophy-Governance-Economy are responsible for editing the content.


The journal 'Psychology' publishes original empirical papers, brief empirical reports, theoretical reviews of important topics in Psychology, book reviews, as well as, in special cases, translations of foreign-language works of great impact.

The 'Psychology' journal aims at the dissemination of psychological research produced both in Greece and internationally, by Greek and non-Greek scientists. It also aims at fostering scientific and interdisciplinary dialogue, as well as disseminating scientific knowledge of general interest in the field of Psychology. 

Since 1992, the journal 'Psychology' has been the official scientific publication of the Hellenic Psychological Society. Since 2000 and it is listed in the bibliographic database of the American Psychological Society (APA) PsycINFO. In 2019, it was converted into an Open Access journal. In 2020 it joined EKT's ePublishing service eJournals platform and was catalogued in the CrossRef bibliographic database and all its works retrospectively acquired Digital Object Identifier (doi) codes.

In the journal's rich digital archive, there are special features related to the investigation of the complex phenomenon of the Psychology of media and technology and the contribution of psycho-educational interventions to the development of learning and socio-emotional skills at school. The journal has also published important empirical papers and theoretical reviews on important Psychology issues related to school bullying and victimisation, stress and depression, burnout, the phenomenon of xenophobia, etc

The Editorial Director of the journal, N. Makris' statement on the occasion of the journal's launch on EKT's ejournals platform can be found here. More information on the history, editorial team, peer review procedures and content of the journal is available on the eJournals platform.

Peri Historias

The 'Peri Historias' journal publishes only original works in the fields of history, archaeology and the broader field of Humanities. Special emphasis is given to articles related to Ionian history. Articles included in the journal should not have been published in any other journal / collective volume / book and must meet internationally established scientific requirements.

Scholars of Ionian History can find in the journal archive articles on the demographic map of the population of Ithaca in the 19th century, the care of Cretan refugees in the prefecture of Kefallinia in 1867 and 1868, the participation of women in the economic life of Corfu from the 16th until the 19th century, the consulate of the Ionian State (1800-1807) in the Dardanelles, the Corfu Philharmonic at the Olympic Games of 1896, the institutions of rural modernization in Corfu in the 19th century and the size of 18 Ionian households documented in 18th and 19th century.

The journal has also been publishing scholarly articles of wider historical interest about the refugees of 1922 in the rural society of Thrace, the position of women in Arabia in the time of Mohammed, Greek-Turkish relations during the dictatorship and the Greek-Turkish educational agreement, tuberculosis during the interwar years as well as about the diverse work of Georgios S. Samartzis. More information about the publisher, the history, the editorial board and the content of the journal is available on the EKT eJournals platform.


The 'Ethics' journal targets writers and readers who are interested in philosophical contemplation. Its aim is to expand dialogue and the exchange of views in the public sphere in order to contribute to research and philosophical issues. Although it primarily concerns moral philosophy, it is not limited to it as it aspires to enhance the interaction of philosophy with wider fields of Humanities and Social Studies with feedback from different cognitive fields delving into knowledge. More information about the scientific committee, policies and content of the journal is available on the eJournals platform. 

EKT ePublishing service

EKT ePublishing is an integrated public service for the electronic publication of scientific content.The service contributes decisively to the digital transformation of scientific publishing activity in Greece, enhances  scholarly communication and increases the available scientific content in the digital public space.

The service is provided through an online environment of electronic scientific publications of high quality and technical standards covering all stages of the publishing process. It consists of three platforms for publishing journals, conference proceedings and books. These platforms host the content of each publisher (journals, monographs, conference proceedings) and enable them to coexist with other reputable publishers.

The eJournals platform, as a sub-infrastructure of the EKT ePublishing service, hosts in its online environment 48 high quality jornals and offers its visitors access to the content of 16,350 scientific publications., with information from Hellenic Psychological Society, Ionian Society for Historical Studies, Laboratory of 'Philosophy-Governance-Economy'