Research community shows great interest in Horizon Europe

07.07.2020An informative presentation by EKT about the EU’s new research & innovation programme focusing on the Environment, Digital Technologies and ICT generated considerable interest.ScienceEntrepreneurship ResearchInnovationTechnologyFunding

eMariMatch 2020! International Matchmaking in the Maritime Sector

29.06.2020Those interested are invited to complete the relevant participation form by October 22, 2020Entrepreneurship InnovationTechnology

Horizon Europe- direct information from EKT

26.06.2020Find out about Horizon Europe from EKT by filling out the relevant registration form and downloading the video and presentation. ResearchInnovationFunding

“Real Skills for Scientists” - New series of webinars

23.06.2020The webinars aim to develop skills for the professional employment of scientists. The 1st cycle, which begins on July 2, focuses on the scientific field of Life Sciences.EducationScienceDigital Content

Discovering school digital skills in Greece: 1,700 teachers participated in webinar on SELFIE tool

18.06.2020The seminar was part of a series of informative discussions on digital skills and was organised by EKT under the "Knowledge and Partnership Bridges" initiative in collaboration with the "National Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs".EducationTechnologyDigital Content

EKT Survey: COVID-19 and young researchers

17.06.2020Current data on the daily life of Greek researchers under the restricted conditions are contributing to public debate. ScienceResearch

60.3% of enterprises in Greece are innovative

27.05.2020The number of innovative enterprises increased over the period 2016-2018, according to the official statistical survey by EKT. Entrepreneurship Innovation

EKT's Census survey for Greek PhD Holders is underway

26.05.2020The action aims to map the professional and geographical mobility of the country's specialised human resources. ScienceResearch

Tackling the pandemic: great response from EIT Health community in networking innovative organisations

21.05.2020Intensive care ventilators, COVID-19 patient detection software and applications monitoring the spread of the disease are only some of the innovative solutions proposed on the EIT Health platform to address the pandemic. ScienceEntrepreneurship ResearchInnovationTechnologyFunding

More than 2,200 participants attend first EKT webinar on digital skills

19.05.2020The seminar was part of a Series of webinars on digital skills from EKT under the "Knowledge and Partnership Bridges" initiative in collaboration with the "National Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs".EducationEntrepreneurship TechnologyDigital Content


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