Real Skills for Scientists webinars return focusing on Natural Sciences and Mathematics

The series of webinars Real Skills for Scientists focuses on the development of skills for the professional employment of young scientists and researchers with participants hearing from the scientists themselves about the modern professions and research.

The National Documentation Centre (EKT), under the 'Knowledge and Partnership Bridges' Initiative, in collaboration with REAL Science and the Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation, is organising the new series of online seminars 'R.E.A.L. Skills for Scientists'. Following the three successful cycles of webinars on Life Sciences, ICT and the Humanities, held in July 2020, October 2020 and January 2021 respectively, Real Skills for Scientists returns in November 2021 with a fourth cycle in the fields of Natural Sciences and Applied Mathematics.

This cycle, consisting of 2 webinars featuring trained speakers on topics such as Physics, Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Paleontology, Geoinformatics, Environmental Sciences etc. targets undergraduate and postgraduate students, doctoral candidates, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, and young researchers of all scientific fields, degrees and career stages.

During the webinars, young scientists, young professionals and entrepreneurs will be able to meet online and talk with renowned scientists from Greece and abroad who will share their own career experiences. The speakers come from both academia and business.

A common purpose to all the webinars is the development of skills needed for the professional employment of young scientists and researchers, including creation a suitable curriculum vitae, volunteer work, parallel fields of work to strengthen their research / scientific profile, writing research proposals, finding funding, research activity through scientific publications, useful networking tips, etc.

There are 2 webinars in this cycle in November:

Participation is free, however pre-registration is required using the participation form here.

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About the organisers

National Documentation Centre (EKT)

EKT, supervised by the Ministry of Digital Governance, has a co-ordinating role in the 'National Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs'. In collaboration with reputable organisations and in constant dialogue with the educational, research and academic community, EKT develops infrastructure and services, promoting knowledge, research and innovation in the digital space. It is also the co-ordinator of the 'Knowledge and Partnership Bridges' initiative for the networking and collaboration of Greek scientists and researchers around the world.

R.E.A.L. Science

R.E.A.L.Science is a professional advocacy platform for schools and universities in which Greek Volunteer Scientists from Greece and around the world participate. The head and creator of this voluntary action is the neuroscientist Dr. Eleni Sinopoulou, who works at the University of California, San Diego, USA.

Research and Innovation Foundation

The Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF) is the national body responsible for supporting and promoting research, technological development and innovation in Cyprus. Its mission is to shape the conditions that favour the development of research, technology and innovation in Cyprus.Through innovative actions and programmes, it strengthens the domestic ecosystem of research and innovation, contributes to strengthening the competitiveness of the Cypriot economy and develops co-operation and interconnection with the international research and business community., with information from ΕΚΤ