Greek participation in ELEGANT - the European project on Big Data and Internet of Things

EKT supported an NTUA research team in the preparation and submission of their ELEGANT proposal, which was subsequently approved.
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A research team from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) along with three Greek companies are participating in ELEGANT, a new European research project on Big Data and the Internet of Things. The project involves a new example of software programming and a new set of methodologies and tools for Big Data and the Internet of Things and will apply to various sectors such as public health, safety and the automotive industry.

The National Documentation Center (EKT), as National Contact Point for the Horizon 2020 Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) programme and member of the Ideal-ist network, supported the ELEGANT proposal submitted by the international consortium in 2019.The proposal was accepted and is expected to start in 2020.

The collaboration of the NTUA with EKT began following a request for support from professor Nectarios Koziris and Dr Konstantinos Nikas. As a member of the Greek Committee for Information and Communication Technologies in Horizon 2020, EKT co-ordinated a group consisting of the National Contact Points and members of the respective committees of other countries participating in the ELEGANT consortium, such as Cyprus. England and France.

Through the pre-arranged procedure, the group gathered information that strengthened the position of the proposal showing the high impact that the project would have on the economy and society, and forwarded this information in a formal letter to the relevant secretariat of the European Commission. It then maintained open channels of communication to strengthen the position of the proposal, which was improved, re-submitted, and finally approved in 2020 receiving a very high score (14/15).

11 institutions and companies from Greece, Cyprus, England and France participate in the ELEGANT project. The consortium is co-ordinated by the Greek company Exus. In addition to the NTUA team, which will co-ordinate the development of software for flexible routing of Big Data / IoT algorithms, Greek participation also included the companies Ubitech and Unisystems.

The National Documentation Centre (EKT) operates as a National Contact Point for eleven sectors of Horizon 2020, supporting Greek organisations to participate in the programme.

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EKT has extensive experience in competitive EU programmes. Since 1992 it has been a point of communication and information for European Commission-funded research projects, as well as for actions related to the exploitation of research results. Its services are intended for the entire academic, research and business community of the country. It offers Greek organisations a wide range of consulting services for the submission of proposals to Horizon 2020. Its specialised staff, with continuous training from the European Commission and the European Research Council (ERC), and in collaboration with major European research networks, provide information and support for the country's research organisations and businesses. 

EKT also records the participation of Greek research teams in Horizon 2020 programmes by issuing special reports and studies with detailed data on the performance of Greek institutions within the European financial framework.

EKT's contribution to the successful participation of Greek research teams in Horizon 2020 is presented in the publication 'EKT as a National Contact Point in Horizon 2020. Report 2014 – 2019'.