The first example of Greeks networking through the Knowledge and Partnership Bridges initiative

02.07.2018The initiative "Knowledge and Partnership Bridges" aims to make the best possible use of the knowledge and experience of Greeks living abroad while connecting them with the country.Entrepreneurship ResearchInnovation

Digital repository for refugee & migration crisis in the Aegean developed by EKT

27.06.2018The digital repository ‘Observatory of the Refugee and Migration Crisis in the Aegean has been developed by EKT and aims to collect, organize and document a wide range of content connected with the refugee and migrant crisis in the Aegean.CultureDigital Content

Horizon Europe: the most ambitious European Programme for Research and Innovation

20.06.2018Horizon Europe is the most ambitious research and innovation programme to date with a proposed budget allocation of 100 billion euros for 2021-2027ScienceResearchInnovationTechnologyFunding

EKT is organising a special event for entrepreneurship and networking

08.06.2018EKT highlights the real challenges for businesses internationally active.Entrepreneurship InnovationFunding

Winners of Aroma Hub’s 1st Competition for Innovation in Aromatic and Medicinal Plants

06.06.2018The goal of the competition is to foster and strengthen innovative entrepreneurship in the area of aromatic and medicinal plants, from cultivation and production to creation and commercial exploitation of new products from aromatic plants and oils.Entrepreneurship ResearchInnovation

EKT consultation on enterprises participating in the NBG Seeds programme

04.06.2018During the meetings, innovative companies were briefed on European funding programmes, updating activities, promotion and partner searches and networking on a European level.CreativityEntrepreneurship ResearchInnovationTechnologyFunding

2nd Hellenic Innovation Forum: When innovation meets entrepreneurship

31.05.2018On the second day of the 2nd Hellenic Innovation Forum, Executives representing companies involved in the innovation sector in all areas of the economy will present their products and services to various investors (funds, angel investors, investors from the public sector etc.).Entrepreneurship InnovationFunding

A new EKT study on PhD holders graduating from Greek Universities in 2015

21.05.2018Analytical data on profiles, specialisation and international mobility of young doctorate holders.EducationScienceResearch

Over 20,000 at the Athens Science Festival!

16.05.2018Through interactive educational workshops for children, seminars for adults and a variety of innovative activities, the goal of the event was accomplished: the public were brought closer to science, while knowledge became one with fun and enjoyment, proving that science has no boundaries or limitations. CreativityEducationScienceTechnology

‘Culture, Digital Media and Entrepreneuship: From Digitisation to Gamification’

15.05.2018EKT is taking part in the two-day international event being organised by the NGO Xenios Polis, which aims to create a network of co-operation between public and private organisations, universities and research institutions in the areas of culture, digital media and entrepreneurship. EducationCultureDigital Content


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