Digital collaboration and solutions to tackle the pandemic in the first round of Antivirus Crowdhackathon

07.04.2020The Antivirus Crowdhackathon, the first innovation marathon for digital applications and methodologies that address the effects of the pandemic will be repeated every 2 weeks. CreativityEntrepreneurship InnovationTechnologyDigital Content

EKT supports the 1st remote innovation marathon

04.04.2020The initiative's aim is to develop digital applications and methodologies for the economy and society which tackle the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. CreativityEntrepreneurship InnovationDigital Content

Online Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference by Enterprise Europe Network

03.04.2020During the conference, the participants will have the opportunity to learn about Artificial Intelligence and take part in multiple B2B meetingsScienceEntrepreneurship TechnologyFunding

EIT Health Calling digital health start-ups with valuable COVID-19 solutions

31.03.2020Headstart provides companies that are chosen for the programme up to €50,000 to support the development of innovative healthcare products and services.InnovationTechnologyFunding

Scientific information about the new coronavirus from EKT

29.03.2020Visit the informative website on COVID-19, with a selection of scientific articles and useful links. ResearchInnovationDigital Content the digital government platform now in operation

26.03.2020 Find the public service you want easily and quickly! Digital Content

Discovery Mission Webinar for Startups

25.03.2020The webinar will be held as part of the European project STARTUP3, in which the National Documentation Centre is an active member. Entrepreneurship InnovationFunding

COVID-19: EIT Health connecting innovators

24.03.2020The new initiative from EIT Health is networking those that 'need' help and those that 'can' offer help in order to facilitate collaborations between members of the community and beyond.ScienceEntrepreneurship ResearchInnovationTechnologyFunding

Operation of EKT during the measures for COVID-19

24.03.2020Staying at home - working from home. Stay up to date using reliable sources.Digital Content

Increase in applications for R&D tax incentives 2010-2016

23.03.2020EKT has released a new study on national R&D tax incentives for businesses which reported scientific and technological research spending in Greece.ResearchInnovationFunding


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