Sharing and Circular Economy-an EKT interactive workshop at Impact Hub Athens

25.11.2019Participants will have the opportunity (hands on exercise) to try out circular and/or sharing models for their own businesses. CreativityEntrepreneurship InnovationTechnologyFunding

"Books and Ideas: The Library of Plato and the Academy" offered to President of People’s Republic of China during Greek visit

25.11.2019A copy of ‘Books and Ideas: The Library of Plato and the Academy’ by Konstantinos Staikos was offered by the President of the Republic to the President of the People's Republic of China.ScienceCultureDigital Content

Funding opportunities, networking and advice at EKT workshop for researchers

20.11.2019Early-stage researchers, students and entrepreneurs listened attentively to their colleagues’ good practices, kept notes on good proposals and learnt about current funding programmes.ScienceResearchFunding

Successful EKT workshop on Sharing Economy at StartupNow Forum

15.11.2019The workshop included examples of the collaborative ventures and Sharing Economy initiatives of recent years which cover not only existing social needs but also viable business.Entrepreneurship InnovationTechnologyFunding

Innovation Days: Welcome the new digital health explorers

12.11.2019Groups of Thessaly University students competed with presentations of business ideas on 'smart health’. The winning team will compete with other groups from Europe in the Winners' Event to be held in Paris.CreativityEntrepreneurship Innovation

New digital repository for the actions of the Committee for the Support of Libraries

07.11.2019Visitors may access conference presentations, photographs, images, textual content and audiovisual material associated with libraries and information professionals.EducationCultureDigital Content

EKT takes part in Research ethics and ERC workshop Thessaloniki

01.11.2019The head of the Department of Research Ethics and Integrity at the European Commission Directorate General for Research and Innovation, Isidoros Karatzas, gave the key presentation entitled ‘Research Ethics and Integrity in Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe’. ScienceResearchFunding

Info Day on career opportunities for researchers and business participation in Innovative Training Networks

31.10.2019As part of the workshop, there will be a presentation of funding opportunities for doctoral and postdoctoral scientists, research and academic institutions and businesses in Greece. EducationScienceResearchInnovationFunding

R&D expenditure in the Business Enterprise sector exceeded 1 billion euro in Greece in 2018

25.10.2019According to EKT’s preliminary data, Research & Development (R&D) expenditure in Greece was 1.18% of total expenditure. ResearchInnovationFunding

New technologies and innovative methods for the digitisation of cultural heritage at Euromed

22.10.2019At the 3rd Pan-Hellenic Conference on Digital Cultural Heritage-Euromed 2019, EKT presented, the national aggregator for cultural heritage which contributes thousands of records to Europeana. EducationCultureDigital Content


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