Innovation Days from EKT and the University of Thessaly

13.10.2020Undergraduate and postgraduate students are trained and compete to meet the real health challenges of Europe's population. CreativityScienceInnovation

Through the eyes of the collector: The collection of the Municipal Art Gallery of Larissa - Katsigras Museum now at

09.10.2020The collection of the Municipal Art Gallery of Larissa includes paintings and engravings from the mid-19th to mid-20th century, narrating the story of modern Greek art. CultureDigital Content

New programmes and funding calls for young researchers in EKT's online event

06.10.2020 It was possible to update 4,000 participants about funding and career opportunities in the online event organised by EKT.ScienceEntrepreneurship ResearchFunding

EKT’s webinar series ‘Real Skills for Scientists’ returns in October

21.09.2020The first of a series of three seminars comprising ‘Real Skills for Scientists - Computer Science’ will be held on 8th October 2020. The series aims to help develop skills for the professional employment of young scientists and researchers in Computer Science. EducationScience

EKT is organising an online Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Health

02.09.2020The event will be held online and is mainly for business executives, public sector executives, ICT researchers in health, start-ups and healthcare providers.ScienceEntrepreneurship ResearchInnovationTechnology

Funding and career opportunities for young researchers in the new EKT webinar

31.08.2020Webinar on research funding opportunities through National and European programmes by EKT.ScienceEntrepreneurship ResearchFunding

Great interest shown in Virtual MariMatch 2020 for maritime economy

31.08.2020Sign up by 31 August to find out about the latest developments in maritime innovation.Entrepreneurship InnovationFunding

EKT's role in the Open Science ecosystem

28.08.2020How, by monitoring and participating in the international debate, does EKT co-formulate and apply the principles of Open Science in its strategy to benefit the research community and society at large?ScienceResearchDigital Content

Two Greek startups find themselves in top EIT Health programmes for the improvement of healthcare

18.08.2020 Through the rapidly evolving EIT Health programmes, EKT paves the way for companies that innovate in the health sector, for development (scaling-up),co-operation and funding.Entrepreneurship ResearchInnovationFunding

Digital transformation at the core of Greek business strategy

31.07.2020The key sectors, the role of digital technology and digital skills are explored in EKT's new study.InnovationTechnology


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