Initiatives for the use of digital technology against the pandemic from the Ministry of Digital Governance

15.04.2020At a time when doctors and nurses are fighting on the front line, the Greek state urges innovative minds of Greek society to use digital tools to help support the National Health System.CreativityEntrepreneurship ResearchInnovationTechnologyFunding

#EUvsVirus -a pan- European hackathon for the ongoing pandemic

15.04.2020The European Commission is connecting all EU stakeholders in the fight against the pandemic. CreativityEntrepreneurship InnovationTechnology

EKT Supports #HackCoronaGreece Innovative Proposals Competition

09.04.2020The #HackCoronaGreece hackathon aims to find smart and immediately applicable solutions for the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in Greece.CreativityInnovationTechnologyDigital Content

Care and Industry together against COVID-19

08.04.2020Powered by Flanders’ Care – Government of Flanders & E.E.N. Flanders, Supported by the Sector Group Healthcare and EKT.Entrepreneurship ResearchInnovationTechnology

Global Hack: An international digital movement against COVID-19

08.04.2020ΕΚΤ strongly supports initiatives that activate knowledge and innovation communities across the connected world against COVID-19.Entrepreneurship InnovationTechnologyFunding

Digital collaboration and solutions to tackle the pandemic in the first round of Antivirus Crowdhackathon

07.04.2020The Antivirus Crowdhackathon, the first innovation marathon for digital applications and methodologies that address the effects of the pandemic will be repeated every 2 weeks. CreativityEntrepreneurship InnovationTechnologyDigital Content

EKT supports the 1st remote innovation marathon

04.04.2020The initiative's aim is to develop digital applications and methodologies for the economy and society which tackle the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. CreativityEntrepreneurship InnovationDigital Content

Online Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference by Enterprise Europe Network

03.04.2020During the conference, the participants will have the opportunity to learn about Artificial Intelligence and take part in multiple B2B meetingsScienceEntrepreneurship TechnologyFunding

EIT Health Calling digital health start-ups with valuable COVID-19 solutions

31.03.2020Headstart provides companies that are chosen for the programme up to €50,000 to support the development of innovative healthcare products and services.InnovationTechnologyFunding

Scientific information about the new coronavirus from EKT

29.03.2020Visit the informative website on COVID-19, with a selection of scientific articles and useful links. ResearchInnovationDigital Content


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