Elevate Greece 2022: Awarding entrepreneurship

04.01.2023EKT, official supporter of the Elevate Greece Startup Entrepreneurship Competition 2022, also participated in the award ceremony presenting an award in the category ‘Harnessing 4th Industrial Revolution Technologies’.Entrepreneurship InnovationTechnology

GRBossible: A Festival dedicated to young entrepreneurship

27.12.2022EKT was actively present at the Festival, participating in speeches on both days of the conference, organising and coordinating a workshop on the role of cutting-edge technologies and the Metaverse in health care. Entrepreneurship InnovationTechnology

Uses and applications of Artificial Intelligence in the interdisciplinary seminar of EKT

21.12.2022In an extremely interesting event, with more than 430 participants, the latest developments and uses of Artificial Intelligence in various scientific fields were presented. ScienceResearchInnovationTechnology

Greece's position on European Innovation Scoreboard 2015-2022

12.12.2022A new EKT publication analyses Greece's innovation indicators for 2022, as well as their evolution over time at European level.Entrepreneurship ResearchInnovation

Research and Development expenditure and personnel increased in Greece in 2021

08.12.2022According to the provisional data on R&D indicators published by EKT, expenditure on Research & Development was equal to 1.45% of GDP.ResearchInnovationFunding

Success stories and innovation in hospitals, at an EKT discussion and networking event

22.11.2022The event aimed to inspire participants by presenting success stories from hospitals that have adopted innovative models and practices, and examine the factors that drive hospitals to innovation. Entrepreneurship ResearchInnovationDigital Transformation

Innovation Days 2022 by EKT and University of Thessaly

26.10.2022The 2022 Innovation Days promote innovation in health through the active participation and training of students from academic institutions across Europe.EducationScienceInnovation

A celebration of science in Kastellorizo

19.10.2022The Puzzle Festival continues its journey with its stops in Patras and Athens.EducationScienceCulture

Digital encyclopedia ‘About Libraries -’ expands and reaches international audiences

18.10.2022Event and Exhibition at ESIEA with rare and unique documents on the history of librariesCreativityEducationCultureDigital Content

Hellenic Association of Political Scientists uses EKT’s eJournals service for the digital edition of its journals

14.10.2022In its collaboration with the Hellenic Association of Political Scientists (HAPSc), EKT provides the necessary infrastructure for the digital edition of the association’s journals: HAPSc Policy Briefs Series, International Journal of Non-Profit Sector Empowerment and Journal of Politics and Ethics in New Technologies and AI. ScienceResearchDigital Content


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