open science

The 23rd International Conference on Electronic Publishing focused on the concept of bibliodiversity and its contribution to the dissemination of scientific knowledge
25/06/2019ΕπιστήμηΈρευναΨηφιακό Περιεχόμενο
Invitation to participate in international workshop on Open Access to scholarly monographs
09/05/2019ΕπιστήμηΈρευναΨηφιακό Περιεχόμενο
EKT and the Public Knowledge Project Announce Strategic Partnership
19/12/2018ΕκπαίδευσηΕπιστήμηΈρευναΨηφιακό Περιεχόμενο
Conclusions of the international conference on Open Scholarly Communication hosted by EKT
13/07/2018ΕπιστήμηΈρευναΨηφιακό Περιεχόμενο
Early career researchers show great interest in EKT’s seminar on Open Science and management of research data
OPERAS Conference: “Open Scholarly Communication in Europe. Addressing the Coordination Challenge”
12/04/2018ΕπιστήμηΈρευναΤεχνολογίαΨηφιακό Περιεχόμενο
OpenAIRE Advance: A pillar of European Cloud for Open Science
EKT is participating in the European funded project OPERAS-D
03/04/2017ΕπιστήμηΈρευναΠολιτισμόςΨηφιακό Περιεχόμενο
Open Book Press: An innovative tool for scholarly electronic publishing developed by EKT
06/06/2016ΕπιστήμηΠολιτισμόςΨηφιακό Περιεχόμενο
Green Light for Open Access: Aligning Europe’s OA policies PASTEUR4OA Final Conference
29/05/2016ΕπιστήμηΚαινοτομίαΨηφιακό Περιεχόμενο