Open Access

Developing common European policies for innovative use of public and scientific information

Open Access is an initiative of the academic and research communities for free, immediate and permanent online access to digital scientific content. The aim is to promote the free exchange of scientific information, the strengthening of research and the reuse of research results. 

Since the early days of the open access movement, we have been at the forefront supporting open access to the country's scientific publications. In 2003, we were the first Greek organisation to sign the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities, and, since then have continued to support all initiatives for the Open Access Movement, acknowledging its multitude of benefits for society. 

Open Access to scientific content is one of our core policies and is basic to NISRT (the National Information System for Research and Technology), a system which we develop. Via this system we:

  • Use open source software to develop e-infrastructure to aggregate scientific and cultural content. The development of digital repositories and the creation of of an environment for the publication of e-journals are the main means of facilitating access to open content.
  • Maintain and update a portal for open access, which is a central hub for open access in Greece and globally. Here, all the latest developments on a national and international level, connected activities of EKT and other organisations etc can be found.
  • Contribute to the discussion on Open Access in Greece, via the open access blog (Greek only)
  • Organise conferences, events and targeted information campaigns to increase awareness of the benefits of Open Access for the research and academic communities as well as the general public.