Evidence-based Policies

Εvidence-based policies are public policies created by using objective evidence. Αn important aspect of such policies is the use of scientific tools, analyses and studies identifying programmes and practices that improve the effects of public policies. The methodologies developed to support the policies combine quantitative statistics and qualitαtive methods, while in a number of cases, they integrate some measurement of the policy impact.

Support for the shaping and documentation of evidence-based policies is one of our strategic priorities. For that reason, we regularly publish scientific bibliometric studies of research activities in Greece in accordance with international standards. Since 2012, we have been responsible for producing the official national statistics for research, development and innovation.

  • Scientific Publications
  • Research & Development  and Innovation Statistics
  • CRIS Systems
  • Special Reports mapping Greek scientific activities

The approach adopted aims to:

  • collect quality data on Greek research activity throughout its entire lifecycle: from funding and research factors, institutions and researchers, to production of research results, scientific publications, monographs, PhD theses etc.
  • the combined processing of data for the production of indicators which enable the comparable positioning of Greece within the international landscape and support the shaping and systematic monitoring of policies on a national, regional and thematic level.