EKT statistics on doctorate holders who graduated from Greek universities in 2019

30.12.20201,685 new doctorates were awarded by Greek universities in 2019, 28.5% of the doctorates were in Medicine & Health Sciences, 52.3% of the new doctorate holders were women, 23.3% completed their studies in 5 years. EducationScienceResearch

Open Science constantly gaining momentum in Europe

22.12.2020The present and future of scholarly communication in the Social Sciences and Humanities and the full transition to the Open Access model were discussed at the OPERAS International Research Infrastructure Conference. ScienceResearchDigital Content

EKT's new webinar cycle 'Real Skills for Scientists' for Humanities

21.12.2020Participants will have the opportunity to hear useful tips and interact experienced and accomplished researchers from Greece and abroad about developing skills for professional employment. EducationScienceEntrepreneurship ResearchFunding

Research & Development Expenditures in 2019 in Greece rises to 1.27% of GDP

14.12.2020R&D expenditure and personnel increased according to preliminary data published by EKT. ResearchFunding

Creativity and healthy competition, the great winners in the Innovation Days 2020

13.11.2020EIT Health Innovation Days (i-Days) promote health innovation through the active participation and education of students from academic institutions across Europe.CreativityEducationInnovation

Greek scientific publications continue their upward trend

11.11.2020EKT published the bibliometric indicators for the period 2004-2018, including, for the first time, data on the performance of the Regions and Open Access publications.ScienceResearch

Demokritos among the finalists for the European Award for Entrepreneurship 2020

03.11.2020The Greek project entitled 'Demokritos: Innovation Ecosystem for Sustainable Entrepreneurship' was selected from 185 nominations from 27 countries.Entrepreneurship ResearchInnovationTechnology

Post-war and contemporary art from the collection of the Municipal Gallery of Agrinio at

02.11.2020The collection brings together works by artists with Aetolia-Acarnanian roots such as the Artistic Director of the Gallery Christos Garoufalis, the painters Christos Bokoros, Giannis Loukas and Ourania Stathopoulou, the engraver Michalis Kotsaris and the sculptor Thodoros highlighting local artistic production.CultureDigital Content

International Conference on Open Science and Academic Communication in the Humanities and Social Sciences

31.10.2020EKT will co-ordinate a workshop entitled 'How to Join OPERAS', in which the different types of participation will be presented, as well as the individual working groups operating within the OPERAS network with the aim of examining issues of interest for OPERAS and open scientific communication. ScienceResearchDigital Content

The skills of computer scientists are the focus of EKT webinars

30.10.2020Twelve distinguished speakers from Greece and abroad, representing academic, research and business communities, shared their experiences and knowledge with approximately 2,000 young Greek and Cypriot scientists who attended the seminars from 22 countries.EducationScienceEntrepreneurship ResearchInnovationTechnologyFunding


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