Winners of the Greek i-Days 2021

68 students from the University of Thessaly formed teams and competed in the presentation of business ideas in the field of Health. The winning team is competing in the pan-European final on November 27, 2021.

Three days full of ideas, inspiration and training in a comfortable and enjoyable online environment, was experienced by those students who participated in this year's Innovation Days - iDays, organised by the National Documentation Centre (EKT) and Business University of Thessaly, under the auspices of the renowned EIT Health network of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.

From the 3rd to 5th of November 2021, 68 students, divided into 17 groups, were trained and competed in the development and presentation of business ideas, while the winning team will participate in the final of the pan-European competition on the 27th November.

First prize was awarded to the team that developed the idea of 'SouSafe', targeting a health problem that is  being faced by an increasing number of people, that of food allergies, through a proposed application for restaurants.

1. Haritodiplomenou Maria-Anna 
2. Kantzou Ourania-Despoina 
3. Panagiotara Dimitra-Anna 

Second prize was given to the 'Water Coaster' team that looked into insufficient water intake by the body and worked on an idea for a special device.

1. Theodorakea Dafnie
2. Karypides Gregoris 
3. Papadopoulos Agathangelos
4. Platona Iliana

Third prize was given to the team and the idea 'Iforget' which focused on older people who are at risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases  particularly Alzheimer's, proposing an innovative mobile application.

1. Vasileiou Olga 
2. Kommata Chistina-Panagiota 
3. Papalexopoulous Chrysoula-Foteini

The team of evaluators and expert advisors consisted of: George Megas (EKT), Varbara Vasilaki (EKT), Angelos Angelidis (EKT), Nikos Maniadakis (EKT), Athanasios Charemis(EKT), Marios Roides (EKT), Athanasios Kakarountas (University Of Thessaly), Georgios Stampoulis (University of Thessaly), Haralambos Karanikas (University of Thessaly), Georgios Dafoulas (University of Thessaly), Nikolaos Papaefstathiou (University of Thessaly), Vasiliki Brimbou (University of Thessaly), Vassilis Tsoukas, University of Thessaly (University of Thessaly) ), Maria Pournari (iED), Tassos Vassiliadis (iED).

Additional mentoring services were provided by Professor Christina Rousi, Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Thessaly, and Dimitris Moustakas, Aidplex Consultant.

EIT Health is one of the largest European public-private partnerships for health innovation. With around 150 partners, EIT Health is a unique European network of leading companies, universities, research and development centres, institutes and health facilities. The role of EIT Health is to build an ecosystem that fosters the development of healthcare for a healthier future for European citizens.The National Documentation Centre (EKT) is the hub of EIT Health in Greece., with information from ΕΚΤ