Distinguished figures in Greek history and art at the center of EKT's online event

28.03.2022The webinar attracted 220 participants, including representatives of cultural and public bodies, technical contractors of digitization projects, scientists and researchers, journalists and interested citizens, from Greece and abroad.CreativityCultureDigital Content

EU rewards research projects that improve quality of life through research and innovation

23.03.2022The six winners of the Horizon Impact Award will receive from 25,000 euro each, as well as extensive publicity.ResearchInnovationFunding

The participation of women in Research and Development in Greece, a new study by EKT

16.03.2022The EKT publication presents data and indicators on the position of women in academia, research, business and in European and nationally funded projects.EducationScienceEntrepreneurship Research

She Figures 2021: The gender gap in education is narrowing but women remain under-represented in research and innovation in Greece

16.03.2022The latest data on gender equality in education, research and innovation in Europe are presented in the publication 'She Figures 2021'. Data for Greece is provided by the National Documentation Centre (EKT) EducationResearchInnovation

The Parthenon frieze digitally assembled in a new web application An interactive tour of a unique work of art offered by National Documentation Centre –EKT, the Acropolis Museum and the Acropolis Restoration Service. EducationCultureTechnologyDigital Content

EKT and Hellenic Development Bank join forces to boost innovation and entrepreneurship

25.02.2022Memorandum of Understanding between the two bodies to promote the networking and outreach of Greek companies. Entrepreneurship ResearchInnovationFunding

Horizon Europe's Innovation Procurements at the center of an event organized by EKT and RIF

16.02.2022Participants learned about the ways in which innovation procurements could transform research and development in public sector.Entrepreneurship InnovationFunding

"Digital Governance Awards" Competition for the public sector

07.02.2022The platform for submitting applications for participation in the Digital Governance Awards has opened. Public sector stakeholders or civil servants & public officials should submit their proposals for evaluation before February 18, 2022.CreativityInnovationTechnology

"Helios": Search for reputable scientific and educational content in the new, upgraded NHRF repository

21.01.2022Scientific publications in international journals, announcements and conference proceedings, monographs, lectures, educational material, research data, multimedia and training material of the National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF) are available in a modern digital environment and are presented in a direct and user friendly way.ScienceResearchTechnologyDigital Content

Distinguished Persons in Greek History and Art: a new way of discovering content on

18.01.2022A new functionality: The new bilingual catalogue links persons with items they created and items they relate to, across all collectionsEducationResearchCultureDigital Content


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