EKT participates in European Smart Attica Digital Innovation Hub for Artificial Intelligence

07.10.2022The Smart Attica hub seeks the digital transformation of SMEs and public sector organisations aiming to advance their digital maturity.Entrepreneurship ResearchInnovationTechnologyDigital Transformation

Conference on combatting gender-based violence in academia on 24-25 November

29.09.2022The Conference ‘Ending gender-based violence in academia’, which will take place in Prague and online, will focus on steps towards gender equality, as well as safe and inclusive research in higher education.EducationResearchInnovation

EU Award for organisations promoting Gender Equality

21.09.2022The EU Award for Gender Equality Champions aims to promote plans and policies for inclusive equality within the new European Research Area.EducationResearchFunding

Greek R&D expenditures and personnel increased in 2020

14.09.2022The final statistics on R&D have been published by EKT-Research & Development expenditure is 1.5% of GDP.ResearchInnovation

72.6% of enterprises in Greece innovate

13.09.2022There was a significant increase in the rate of innovative enterprises in the period 2018-2020, according to EKT’s official statistical survey.Entrepreneurship Innovation

The EUGO portal serving European citizens and businesses wishing to do business in Greece is now in operation

07.09.2022The Greek Point of Single Contact ( enables any interested parties to have direct access to all the information they need to do business in Greece.Entrepreneurship InnovationDigital Transformation

Kastellorizo Puzzle Festival returns and …travels

05.09.2022The Festival gives everyone a chance not only to see and hear, but also to express themselves, understand, experiment, create and enjoy science as an exciting experience.CreativityEducationScienceCulture

EKT’s eJournals service publishing three new scientific journals on education

31.08.2022The publishing environment of the eJournals service has been selected by the Scientific Association for Adult Education, the Institute of General and Special Education Studies and Research, the Panhellenic Federation of Associations of Special Education Staff and the Pedagogical Department of Elementary Education of the University of Ioannina.EducationScienceResearchDigital Content

Significant increase in scientific publications of Greek institutions in international scientific journals in 2019 and 2020

30.08.2022EKT has published the statistics and bibliometric indicators for the period 2006-2020ScienceResearch

COSPAR Athens 2022: largest global space research and technology conference is being held in Athens

19.07.2022The global space research and technology conference COSPAR Athens 2022 is being held in Athens July 16-24, attracting international space organisations and renowned scientists from all over the world.ScienceResearchTechnology


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