'Knowledge Bridges' at 'Hellenic Youth in Action'

Representatives of the Knowledge and Partnership Bridges will be on hand at Zappeion with information about the initiative's actions!

350 young Greeks from all over the world have been invited to Athens on 31st March and 1st April to attend the 'Hellenic Youth in Action' forum. This will be an excellent opportunity to highlight the relationship between Greeks abroad with their homeland and for young Greeks everywhere to collaborate on achieving common goals and objectives by focusing on activities in Greece. Representatives of 'Knowledge and Partnership  Bridges'(https://www.knowledgebridges.gr/en) will be on hand at Zappeion with information about the initiative's actions!

The forum is being organised by the following 9 organisations: World Pontian Youth Coordinating Committee, World Federation of Young Overseas Cypriots, Youth Coordinating Committee of World Confederation of Thessalians, Youth of World Council of Epirotes Abroad, Youth of World Council of Cretans, Youth of Pan Macedonian Association USA, Youth of Thracian Association of Europe, Youth of World Vlach Amphictyony,  Youth of World Panarkadian Council.

The opening event for the forum will take place at 11am 31st March at Zappeion Megaron, with the first topic for discussion being 'Greece-Diaspora'. Each of the 9 joint organisers will present their activities and The nine representatives of the global Greek organisations will present the activities of their organisations and will suggest ways of collaboration between young Greeks and Greece.

The second day of the forum,1st April 2018, will begin at 9:00 am with the church service at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens. Then, at 11:00am, there will  be workshops at Zappeion Megaron with the following themes: i) Relations of Greece and diaspora, ii) Greek language and culture, iii) Economy and development of Greece, iv) Orthodoxy and Christian heritage. The third workshop will be co-ordinated by the General Secretary for Strategy and Private Investment, Ministry of Economy and Development. Lois Lambrianidis, who will talk about the 'Knowledge and Partnership Bridges' initiative which seeks to link Greeks worldwide for their mutual benefit. During the workshops, each participant will be able to present ideas and visions about the collaboration between Greece and the diaspora, as well as between the organisations participating in the forum.

The ‘Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’ initiative was created with this particular logic in mind. Based on a plan by the General Secretariat for Strategy and Private Investment, Ministry of Economy and Development, and being implemented by the National Documentation Centre, the initiative is directed towards redressing the issue of the new diaspora of Greeks. A means of achieving this is to highlight the advantages that can derive from the networking of Greeks around the world which will have as a consequence the shaping of the country’s future in a tangible way with mutual support on a scientific, professional and business level.


www.ekt.gr, with information from https://www.knowledgebridges.gr/en