Presentation of ‘Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’ initiative in Brussels

The importance not only of co-operation and networking of Greeks abroad with Greece but also the mutual benefits which can arise from this were discussed.

Greeks in Brussels were eager to make reservations for the reception held on 1 February 2018 at the Greek Embassy in Belgium. The focus of the event was the presentation of the ‘Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’ initiative (, which is designed to facilitate the interconnecting and effective networking of Greeks, whether they have moved abroad or remained in the country. Organisers of the event were the Greek Embassy in Belgium, the Greek Community of Brussels, the Association of Greek Officials in International Orgainsations, the General Secretariat for Strategy and Private Investment –Ministry of Economy and Development and the National Documentation Centre.

More than seventy Greeks from different backgrounds (old and new immigrants as well as officials from European institutes) had the chance to get to know more about the initiative and talk to the General Secretary of Strategy and Private Investment, Ministry of Economy and Development, Lois Lamprianidis and the Director of the National Documentation Centre, Evi Sachini. The ‘Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’ initiative was welcomed to Brussels by the Greek Ambassador to Belgium, Eleftheria Galathianaki.

As the initiative is closely connected to people who have left Greece in order to achieve key business objectives, including careers in European organisations, Brussels is one of the initiative’s main meeting points abroad. During the event, there was fruitful discussion between the speakers on subjects such as the networking of organisations and personnel involved in the initiative in Greece and abroad, as well as the co-ordination of their actions. In addition, the importance not only of co-operation and networking of Greeks abroad with Greece but also the mutual benefits which can arise from this were discussed.   

Mr. Lamprianidis explained the value of Greek human capital, highlighting the need for an initiative to network Greeks all over the world. Dr. E. Sachini gave details about the implementation of the initiative so far and the goals set for the coming period. She particularly stressed that, in order to achieve the goals and  vision of the initiative, it is essential to mobilise all Greeks  worldwide.

The General Secretary for Strategy and Private Investment, L. Lamprianidis also presented the ‘Bridges’ initiative to the European Commission at the ‘From Brain Drain to Brain Gain’ event held by the European Left on 31 January 2018. During the event, the Portuguese representative stressed that the drain of specialised personnel from southern European countries, including Greece, is an undeniable fact.

In informal meetings with other MEPs, the existence of a common method for addressing the outflow of specialied personnel from countries in the south as well as the issues of EU policies for mobility and the question of whether the Northern European countries benefit in relation to those in the south were discussed.

‘Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’ for the networking of Greeks around the world

The ‘Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’ initiative, which is being implemented by
the National Documentation Centre in co-operation with the General Secretariat for Strategy and Private Investment, Ministry of Economy and Development, aims to make the best use of the knowledge and experience of Greeks abroad and their connection with the country. The goal of the initiative ‘Knowledge & Partnership Bridges’ is, realistically but imaginatively, to bring together the undeniably high quality human capital of the country and create ties of co-operation between those comprising it. Through the networking of Greeks, the growth potential of Greece is enhanced, while those Greeks participating in the network become part of a common endeavour.

The platform for ‘Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’,, is based on: 1)  networking and subsequent successful partnerships through a network of Greek scientists, professionals and entrepreneurs; 2) information on funding opportunities in Greece and 3) the mapping of Greeks living abroad., with information from Knowledge and Partnership Bridges