Conference Proceedings ‘Greece-Europe 2020: Education, Lifelong Learning, Research, Innovation and Economy’ now available on EKT’s eProceedings platform

51 interesting items expected to capture the attention of the national and international scientific community are available with open access on EKT’s eProceedings platform for conference proceedings.

The proceedings from the conference ‘Greece-Europe 2020: Education, Lifelong learning, Research, Innovation and Economy’ are now available with open access on EKT’s eProceedings platform. The international conference was held in Athens 1-3 July 2016 and was organised by the Hellenic Scientific Institute: Economics of Education & Lifelong Learning, Research & Innovation (INOEK), with the sponsorship of the Xarakopio University. From now on, proceedings from the biennial conference will be published electronically on EKT’s ePublishing platform, eProceedings.

What changes in education expenditure have there been for Greece during these years of economic crisis? Has the size of the school, the amalgamation of schools and the number of pupils affected public expenditure per pupil? How satisfied are primary school teachers with work conditions and to what extent are the requirements of secondary school children met? Under the Greek educational system, can a school be responsible for organising educational innovation while promoting new concepts of education regarding the changes in principles and beliefs, the implementation of new teaching approaches and the use of new teaching methods?

These and many more questions were answered during the conference which covered all sectors of Education, Lifelong Learning, Research, Innovation and their interconnection with the economy.

The conference was attended by representatives from a number of educational bodies including the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs, the World Bank, researchers and hundreds of delegates.

The contents of the first issue of conference proceedings already in digital form on the eProceedings platform includes 51 extremely interesting items which are expected to attract the national and international communities. The current issue features:

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As part of the new partnership with the institute, EKT is providing it with the infrastructure for the publication of its ejournal, while the institute itself is responsible for the ejournal’s content. The agenda of the 2016 conference ‘Education, Lifelong Learning, Research, Innovation and Economy ’ covered all fields of education, lifelong learning, research, innovation  and their relevance for the economy.

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