Online public event "Building communities for the promotion of Open Scholarly Communication in Social Sciences and Humanities"

Where and When

Online public event

The National Documentation Centre (EKT), OPERAS RI member and OPERΑS-P project partner, organizes on Wednesday 26 May 2021 (10.00-14.30 CEST) an online public event for stakeholders in Greece involved and/or interested in open scholarly communication in the social sciences and humanities (SSH).

The online event "Building communities for the promotion of Open Scholarly Communication in Social Sciences and Humanities" aims to contribute to the European and national discussions regarding the uptake of open science and its support through the adoption of policies, the development of the necessary infrastructures and enhancement of synergies. EKT is a firm supporter of open science and has developed infrastructures and services to support and facilitate open scholarly communication in addition to the organization of awareness raising events and its participation in European networks and projects.

The aim of the event is to provide a forum for the discussion of opportunities and challenges faced by the Greek community in adopting open scholarly practices and to explore ways of strengthening further the presence of SSH in the (co-)design of related policies at both national and European level through the support of OPERAS. 

This will be achieved through the presentation of recent initiatives at EU level regarding the development of policies and infrastructures such as the new open access provisions in Horizon Europe and the launch of Open Research Europe (ORE) and the contribution of OPERAS in the promotion of open scholarly communication.

Members of the Greek SSH community will then talk about their experiences and the benefits that arise from the adoption of open practices as well as the challenges they face.

The third session will be dedicated to the presentation of the different scholarly communication services developed by OPERAS RI and addressing the specific needs of the research community. These include the Publishing Service Portal (PSP) that collects the publishing and scholarly communication services that OPERAS members offer in OPERAS marketplace and gives access to their description from a single access portal, the Discovery Service that will provide European Researchers a single point to discover SSH open scholarly, researchers and projects currently scattered across local repositories and the Research for Society Service an interactive platform between SSH researchers and society at large.

The last session will place emphasis on networking: the presentations of the setting up OPERAS national node in Germany (OPERAS-GER), the activities of CO OPERAS Implementation Network aimed at the promotion of FAIR principles in SSH and the OPERAS Forum will will feed in the discussion around the creation of communities (of national character or focusing on specific aspects such as the FAIRification of research outputs) and the ways in which they could help in setting up a similar community in Greece.

The event is organised as part of the European-funded project OPERAS-P and targets policy makers, research organisations (universities and research centres) and research funders, libraries, publishers and SSH researchers.

The event will be take place via the MSTeams platform and will be live-streamed. The languages of the event are Greek and English. Access to the event is free, yet registration is required here. Participants will receive the link via email.


Marina  Angelaki