Dr Haralampos Karanikas

Prof.Computer Science & Biomedical Inf. Univ. of Thessaly

Dr. Haralampos Karanikas is a Senior Researcher at University of Athens (Medical School) and member of the European Initiative EUnetHTA JA3 for Health Technology Assessment. He was a member of PARENT (Cross Border Patient Registries Initiatives) Executive Committee. He is responsible for eHealth in Athens Medical Association (IEA), and General Secretary of the Greek Society of eHealth Applications (EEMEPY), a member of the team that develops the prescription protocols integrated in the national electronic prescription system (IDIKA). Member of the National Committee for the implementation of protocols and monitoring of pharmaceutical expenditure, under the authority of the Ministry of Health. He is also an eHealth consultant in Datamed and OTE. He is actively involved in Health Information Management as a focal research area.

His work aims at advancing the ways data mining algorithms are used in order to analyse natural language text in an attempt to discover structure and implicit meanings “hidden” within the text or data. His research interests include document/data warehouse, eHealth, ontology construction, data mining, big data and business intelligence. He has been involved in many research projects. From September 2010 till March 2012 he was special IT advisor of the General Secretary, Ministry of Health, scientific responsible for the implementation of ESY.net (National health BI system), member of the Greek DRGs implementation team and member of the Central Committee of the Ministry to monitor the IT systems of the NHS. From March 2012 till April 2013 Haralampos Karanikas was board member of the Greek Health Procurement Committee (E.P.Y.), an independent agency with administrative and financial autonomy, reporting directly to the Minister of Health. E.P.Y. is responsible for strategic and operational planning of the procurement system in the Health Sector.

Haralampos Karanikas holds a PhD in the field of Temporal Text Mining at University of Manchester on health data.