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Science & Technology Information Services
EKT provides open access to information, via the Digital Library, as well as personalised S&T information services: 
  • Electronic Reading Room: The Electronic Reading Room is housed in a friendly environment in the centre of Athens, at the Science and Technology Library "K. Th. Dimaras" on the premises of the National Hellenic Research Foundation. At a modern interactive environment, with 22 workstations activated through “smart cards”, the Electronic Reading Room grants its visitors access to a massive amount of S&T content, as well as to numerous services. It is open from morning till late in the afternoon, and is equipped with printing and information storing facilities.
  • Print Collection Reading Area: The Library also has an area for studying and using printed documents, with a facility for copying the scientific material available. The Library also houses the National Archive of PhD Theses that brings together all PhDs conducted at Greek universities.
  • Wireless Broadband Network: A high-speed wireless broadband network operates on the NHRF's ground floor, supporting the operation of the Electronic Reading Room and providing public access to the Web.
  • Intermediary Information Services: The following services can be ordered through EKT’s website, by fax, post or via the Electronic Reading Room.

    Bibliographic references and citation index: EKT’s qualified staff conducts thematic searches on S&T information (bibliographical references, citation index), upon users’ request. More than 1.300 Greek and international databases offer access to all knowledge fields and all types of publications.
    Full-text scientific publications on demand: EKT obtains, upon request, full-text scientific publications (articles, proceedings, PhDs, books, etc) from libraries, archives and documentation centres both in Greece and abroad.
  • Support service for users: Qualified and experienced personnel gladly provide personalised assistance to the users, in order to identify and utilise the content of the Library and its services. They serve users’ information needs regarding the availability of the material (print and electronic), as well as the Library & Electronic Reading Room regulations and procedures.

Promoting Research and Innovation
EKT provides information on research and innovation, supports collaborations at national and European research programmes, disseminates research results and innovative technologies to the market, and contributes to the growth of entrepreneurship.

  • Information and support services on research programmes: EKT operates as National Contact Point for the European Framework Programmes and other competitive research programmes of the EU. It efficiently supports Greek researchers and SMEs, at all stages of preparation and submission of proposals, through services such as: operation of a Helpdesk, organisation of information events all over Greece, development of special websites,  publication and dissemination of information material, monitoring the national participation, provision of consultancy services and support to partner searches across Europe.

    EKT also develops the “Research and Innovation” website ( and supports the Greek CORDIS web service ( Moreover, the Centre collaborates closely with the General Secretariat for Research and Technology, the European Commission, and various EU networks, such as the National Contact Points’ Network, CORDIS, Euro Info Centres and the IPR-Helpdesk.

    ΕΚΤ and FP7: ΕΚΤ operates as National Contact Point for the Specific Programmes: “Ideas”, “Cooperation” (Information and Communication Technologies, Energy, Socio-economic Sciences and the Humanities) and “Capacities” (Research Infrastructures, Regions of Knowledge, Research Potential of Convergence Regions). 

  • Technology transfer services: EKT is the Coordinator of the Enterprise Europe Network-Hellas, the largest network of integrated business support in Greece since it comprises 16 industrial associations, research and technology organisations, chambers of commerce and industry, governmental SME Agencies and established Innovation players with long experience of cooperation at national level and European level. As member of the corresponding European network, the Enterprise Europe Network - Hellas provides international business cooperation services, information on European policies, innovation and technology transfer services as well as services for encouraging SMEs' participation to the European programs for Research and Technology.

    The Enterprise Europe Network - Hellas offers the whole range of services envisaged by the Entrerprise Europe Network: - Information, feedback and international business cooperation services - Innovation, Technology and knowledge transfer services - Encouraging SME participation to the FP RTD programme.


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