Mission and Vision

Paving the way for knowledge transfer and reuse in research and innnovation.

Our mission is to collect, document, manage, disseminate and preserve quality digital content and data produced by the Greek scientific, research and cultural communities. The national infrastructure which we develop ensures access to reusable knowledge, the collection of data and the production of indicators and statistics for Research, Development, Technology and Innovation in Greece.

With the aim of supporting research and technology , we provide infrastructures and services for the use and dissemination of Greek scientific and cultural digital content, placing emphasis on open availability and the reuse of content. Our actions make digital information exploitable for users from a variety of communities which not only contributes effectively to the improvement of scientific and cultural productivity, but it also foster competitiveness in the public and private sectors. Priorities are based on three fundamental axes:

Digital Content

  • Accessible digital data and information within the scientific, research and cultural communities of the country which is open, organised and systematic.
  • Dissemination and promotion of trustworthy Greek content on an international level.
  • Development of electronic infrastructures with an effective mechanism for collecting and searching content and data.
  • Open access to digital content.
  • SaaS services (Software as a Service) including digital repositories, openABEKT etc. 
  • Support for open knowledge policies and a means for academic research, education and the production of reliable cultural content. 

Research, Development and Innovation Indicators 

  • Collection of data, primary and secondary, on research, development and innovation in Greece. 
  • Production of official statistics and other internationally established indicators.
  • Relevant interpretations of indicators enabling their exploitation by organisations specifically to form evidence-based policies and generally by the Research, Development, Technology and Innovation ecosystem of the country. 
  • Regular publications of scientific studies to map research activities in Greece, using standard international methods and indicators.
  • Official recording and exporting of national statistics for research, development and innovation across all sectors of the economy.

Research, Innovation, Entrepreneurship

  • Services to interconnect academic, research and cultural bodies with innovative and creative businesses so as to provide access το funding tools, information about the business sector and markets.
  • Services to foster entrepreneurship such as studies, legal tools etc.
  • Support for technology transfer, using the latest production models of innovation and international networking.
  • Emphasis on areas such as cultural and creative industries, health, the environment, energy and ICT.
  • Promotion of the exploitation of research results in business, contributing to synergies between research and production.
  • Relevant updates, training and support regarding intellectual property; the basic means of reusing knowledge in different forms and with different licences.
  • Co-ordination of the Greek hub, Enterprise Europe Network-Hellas, of the European network for technology transfer Enterprise Europe Network, as well as National Contact Point for European programmes, for example, Horizon 2020.