NUCL-EU 2020

NUCL-EU 2020 is a 48 months project having the following specific objectives:

  • Enhancing the competence of NCPs, raising the level of know-how of the EURATOM network in particular helping less experienced NCPs rapidly acquire the experiences accumulated in other countries
  • Consolidating the network of EURATOM NCPs
2015 to 2019
Horizon 2020
Subject Category
Nuclear Energy
EKT Role
The overall goal of this project is to improve the EURATOM NCPs’ service under Horizon 2020 across Europe, providing a more consistent NCP support that will finally result in a higher quality of submitted proposals from applicants. The aim is to develop and achieve a standard method of work, keeping in mind that NCP systems in MS and AC vary in, amongst others, structure, personnel, funding schemes and advising capacity. This objective will be achieved by reinforcing the network of EURATOM NCPs, hence promoting transnational cooperation.